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What Is Functional Packaging?

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Functional packaging is a simple way to enhance your existing packaging materials. Its ultimate goal is to create ultimate convenience and ease of use for customers. Nowadays, most buyers are more busy than ever, and they want effective and user-friendly products. Functional packaging allows you to improve the lives of consumers in a simple and clear way.


Functional packaging can provide consumers with additional valuable benefits. This means that it understands the diverse needs of its customers and provides them with truly helpful products.


A good packaging can add value to the product and help increase the premium of the product. The functions of comprehensive packaging can be roughly divided into the following aspects: protection and containment functions, storage and transportation and promotion functions, environmental protection and sanitation functions, etc.


74-2-jar shaped stand up pouches

1. Protecting and holding the packaging is the most basic function of packaging products.


Prevent vibration, crushing or impact. Commodities have to undergo multiple loading, unloading and handling during transportation. This feature is suitable for packaging bags for shipping and plastic poly mailers.


Prevent wet and dry changes. Excessive dryness and excessive humidity will affect the quality of some packaged items. In the selection of packaging materials for this category of items, materials with good permeability should be selected, such as transparent stand up pouch with zipper.


Prevent changes in heat and cold. Temperature and humidity will affect the properties of certain commodities. This feature is suitable for freezer tube bags and leak proof freezer bags.


Prevent light or radiation. Some products are not suitable for ultraviolet, infrared or other direct sunlight.


2. Storage, transportation and promotion. Since both packaging and being packaged are commodities, there are objective factors such as transportation and storage in the circulation of commodities. All kinds of commodities have different sizes and shapes, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to transportation or storage. Packaging can just solve this problem. It can unify the size and specifications of the goods to facilitate the handling or quantity count in the storage, transportation or circulation process, such as square bottom gift bags and jar shaped stand up pouches.


3. Sanitation and environmental protection. Packaging is to pack all kinds of items in specific containers, and the packaging must go through several processes such as cleaning, drying, disinfection, and dust removal before being packed.


74-3-zip lock plastic pouch

People's Demand for Functional Packaging


Consumers are looking for products that can be easily integrated into their daily lives. There are some factors to keep in mind when creating functional packaging. The packaging is easy to open and does not require scissors or other tools. Once opened, repackaging should also be simple, such as transparent zip lock bag and resealable ziplock bag. If you sell single-use items, please consider not taking up too much space and being convenient to carry during the moving journey.


Materials of Functional Packaging


Functional packaging enables you to be creative. You may already be thinking about what materials can be used to improve the consumer's packaging experience. For example, people in the food, beverage, or perishable industries should consider resealable bags or pouches, such as zip lock plastic pouch. Another option for almost all products is smart tags, such as adding QR codes or RFID technology.

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