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What are the advantages of liquid packaging spout pouch?

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How to pack liquids and beverages? As we all know, liquids and beverages are difficult to pack. These products require packaging that can be successfully filled, stored, transported, displayed, purchased, used, and disposed of, while maintaining the quality of the product. In supermarkets, we can see liquid devices in shaped packaging pouches or stand up pouch with spout, so what are the packaging advantages of spout pouch for liquid?

Why spout pouch is suitable for liquid packaging

The unique design of the spout pouch allows direct filling through the spout or through the gaps in the subsequently sealed film. These flexible pouches can safely contain liquid products and can easily stand on store shelves to display products more effectively. Spray bags are innovative products for liquids and beverages. The spout design provides more convenience for use, and compared with rigid bottles, flexible materials will greatly reduce logistics costs.


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Advantages of spout pouch

More choices of spouts

The stand-up bag provides a variety of spout designs for you to choose from. Companies can use different nozzles to target different customers. They can use kid-friendly spouts to package food for children, or they can use sports cap spouts made from juice bags for sports people. Products such as spouted liquid stand up pouches, reusable spout pouch bag, food pouch spout bag and spout pouch milk bag meet the needs of different people.


Green and environmental

Today, the environment is a major issue. Governments and companies are looking for new ways to reduce resource use to protect themselves from rising raw material costs. The sprayed stand-up bag is an excellent way to protect the environment and save the cost of raw materials, because the production of sprayed bags requires less plastic than large-capacity plastic and glass bottles.


Cost savings

The standing pouch can save money in two ways. First of all, they reduce resource consumption, so raw materials can be saved. And you can use a pouch without a nozzle, thereby saving nozzle costs. These bags can stand upright, so you won't sacrifice consumer experience to reduce costs.


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Custom printing

A large number of customized printing options are provided in the stand-up packaging bag. These plastic bags provide more space to place advertisements and product information. This information is easier to read on upright packaging than on cylindrical bottles and jars. Compared with printing on tin cans, custom printing also reduces labor intensity and cost. We are professional spout pouch manufacturers, we can provide you with customized service of liquid spout bag and shaped spout pouch. If you have any needs, please contact us in time.



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