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Quality Control
Stringent Production Process
Our Certifications

Our products have passed FDA, ROHS, BPA, BRC, SGS, CQC and ISO9001. Best protecting your food safely arrive the table from the farm.

Conscientious & Accountable Employees

Our employees are very responsible and strictly abide by the regulations during the production process. Besides, we use equipment rationally, and we won’t jerry-bulid, so that we can ensure the food-grade quality of the products. The scheduling is reasonable to ensure that your orders are produced and sent out in the first time.

Rigorous Inspections In Production Process

To ensure that our products are of top food-grade quality, we conduct three inspections during the production process. The first is a machine inspection during the printing process, we will use technology to automatically identify the accuracy of color registration and ink dumping, etc. The second time is after the composite process, the inspection is done by the inspection machine, and the bags are inspected secondly for ink spots, lines, foreign objects and other impurities that affect quality. The third time is in the bag-making process, the quality inspector conducts regular and irregular inspections to ensure product quality to the maximum extent.
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