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Quality Control
Stringent Production Process
Our Certifications

Our products have passed FDA, ROHS, BPA, BRC, SGS, CQC and ISO9001. Best protecting your food safely arrive the table from the farm.

Professional & Responsible Employees

During the package-making process, regular inspection and random sampling inspection will be conducted frequently by our professional workers every half an hour, to make sure the quality of your order will be good and consistent. The raw materials we used are also of top quality and eco-friendly characteristics. Therefore, the packaging could be strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. Various international top certifications also recognize that our packaging is eco-friendly, and our quality management system is strict. From the control of raw material procurement to the strict quality inspection in the production process, every step is to make your food reach the table of consumers safely from the farm.

Rigorous Inspections In Production Process

We always stay on track with technological innovation, high-standard production, and all-around technical support. The purpose is to increase the quality while reducing waste, then finally increase your competitive advantage in the market. Our excellent and professional production and comprehensive sales services enable us to have many loyal customers from all over the world. Their trust encourages us to make better products and provide better services.
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