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We have rich OEM& ODM experience near 20 years. Our professional design team and experienced production team will produce most suitable and most special design foryou, helping your product to attract customers and promote your brand to the world.


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Retort Bag

Retort bags is microwave safety and can effectively protect products away from light, moisture and air. It is good for food hygiene and prolonging the shelf life of food. Its good heat resistance is able to withstand ultra-high temperature cooking above 135℃.


Aluminum Bag

The aluminum bag has high temperature resistance, puncture function, and anti-deformation. It also has good reflectance of light and glossiness. Besides, its strong ability of oxygen and water blocking allows water and oxygen permeability rates with 1, increasing the product preservation life and helping to keep the freshness of food.


Freezer Bag

It has good barrier impact resistance and puncture resistance. Low temperature resistance, packaging materials even in the case of -45 ℃ low temperature does not deform and brittle crack. It can also effectively prevent the migration of toxic and harmful substances from penetrating into the food.


Square Bottom Bag

The shape of the bag can still be kept after filling products, making the bag look beautiful and artistic. Besides, it has great capacity, allowing products with large volume being packed.


Shaped Pouch

The unique shape can effectively attract the attention of consumers, highlight the product features with an obvious promotion effect. It also is not easy to be imitated by competitors, making the products stand out in the market.


Spout Pouch

It is a relatively new packaging form with high portability and strong sealability, effectively prolonging the shelf life of products.


Zip Lock Bag

Light weight, easy and safe to use, durable and strong. It can effectively protect products from factors such as water and dust, making sure the product can be reused.


Paper Bag

This is a new type of packaging bag combine plastic and paper, which is widely used in the market because of its high strength and beautiful appearance..


Stand Up Zipper Bag

Excellent ability of antistatic, ultraviolet proof, moisture-proof, oxygen isolation and sealability Colorful patterns can be printed on the surface to make products stand out in the shelf, effectively attracting consumers.


Film Roll

Wide application range, durable and high heat sealability. Also, high glossy, strong heat resistance and good transparency. The show-how performance of film roll is excellent, which is good for product sales.


Shopping Bag

Wide application for food and drink service as well as for toy, garment, electronic industry, and general merchandise market. A useful carrier to promote your brand. It is reusable. The handle design will greatly benefit customers.


Vacuum Bag

The vacuum bag has very good barrier and excellent performance of waterproof, frost-proof, oil-proof and moisture-proof. It can also effectively save space and energy and easy to store, which mainly applies to food and daily supplies.

Customization Process
Customized Design
Side Design

Different sides can increase the attractiveness of the bag to different degrees, as well as the use of capacity, both practical, but also beautiful!

Bottom Design

By standing display, the grade of the product can be effectively enhanced, and the visual effect of the shelf can be maximized, which is a very popular packaging function at present!

Zipper & Easy Tear Opening & Edge Design

Proper zipper, easy-tear and edge design will facilitate consumers to different degrees and enhance the customer experience!

Carrying Handle Design

The design of the handle is designed to facilitate the use of customers and give consumers a good feeling of use. The design of the hanging hole is very conducive to the display of products, so that customers can see your products on the shelves at a glance!

Perspective Window Design

You can customize the window according to the product characteristics and which can better display your products and make your products stand out!

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