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Advantages of spouted pouches

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We often see glass packaging bottles and canned, plastic or paper packaging in our daily life. These packages are very good for holding some solid products, but for liquid products such as detergents or juices, the most common one is the plastic pouch with spout, which has been used since the early 20th century. Today, with advanced technology, the spouted pouch still has a large market. Because the spouted pouch is excellent in packaging drinks and liquids, people gradually design self-supporting pouches for liquid packaging, which improves the function of flexible packaging. There are various flexible packaging functional materials, which can meet the requirements of water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvent, etc., and can also meet the requirements of rust prevention, corrosion prevention, electromagnetic radiation prevention, static prevention, chemical resistance, aseptic preservation, no toxicity and no pollution, etc. So what are the advantages of plastic pouch with spout?





The concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, which makes people tend to have some environmentally friendly products when purchasing daily necessities. In terms of the variety and quantity of resource consumption, flexible spout pouch bag has incomparable advantages over other packaging forms. Because the spout pouch aluminum foil is light and soft, easy to fold and pack, it is quite convenient to recycle and transport the waste materials in soft packaging, and there are many waste treatment methods. According to the different properties of waste materials, landfill, incineration, decomposition and regeneration can be adopted respectively. When producing self-supporting spout packaging pouch bags, the cost is less than that of ordinary plastic packaging, which can make enterprises not affected by the rising cost of raw materials, which not only protects the environment, but also meets people's environmental friendly needs.


90-1-reusable spout pouch bag


All kinds of spouts


Different spouts can meet the needs of different customers, some small spouts can be used in children's products, and sports cap spouts can be designed for sports people. This flexible spout design is very convenient for customers.





As far as raw materials are concerned, the plastic used in plastic pouch for liquid is very small, so it has a very low cost at the root. Moreover, many packages can not be equipped with spouts. Because most of the flexible packaging materials are soft and light films, the packaging fits the body, the weight of the packaging materials is small, and the invalid empty space in the reusable spout pouch bag is small, so the circulation and transportation of goods are very convenient, and the transportation cost is much lower than that of goods with rigid packaging.


90-2-reusable spout pouch bag




This kind of stand up spout pouch can be customized in printing, so you can choose your favorite pattern or information on the packaging bag to print. Because the spouted pouch has two very large planes, the information printed on it is easier for customers to read, and the printing cost is lower than that of laser engraving. Soft reusable spouted pouch is the most affinity packaging form. Soft packaging material products are light in texture, soft and comfortable in hand feeling, suitable for colorful printing, and have good information transmission effect, which makes consumers have a good reputation.

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