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What Are the Advantages of Standing Food Packaging Bags?

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In order to maintain competitiveness, reduce production costs, and call for a more environmentally conscious society, more and more companies prefer flexible packaging solutions, such as standing zipper pouches. Here are the benefits of using stand up bags to package food.


Stand Up Bags Are Visually Attractive


Zip lock standing pouches can really give full play to your packaging design creativity. Unlike static tags, you can personalize the entire pouch from the top aisle side, which enables you to highlight your brand and help layout fonts, graphics, and colors in a way that stands out from the crowd. No matter how the pouch is displayed, customers can clearly recognize your product.




Stand Up Bags Can Keep Your Product Fresh for A Long Time


With a resealable zipper lock, up to three layers of protection against moisture, UV, oxygen and external odor, and a crotch at the bottom, your product will stay fresh for a longer time. If you need to package your coffee, you can design a degassing valve to help release oxygen and maintain the flavor, ensuring that the beans stay fresh and lasting. Standing pouches can keep food away from the air and prevent the environment from bringing the possibility of food metamorphosis, so as to maintain the freshness of food to the greatest extent. It is worth noting that the elimination of food waste is also in line with the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.



The Stand Up Bag Is Light and Flexible


Do you want your customers to enjoy your products on the journey? This is one of the biggest benefits of stand up bags packaging for food. Flexible packaging is usually made of plastic or paper, which is much lighter than glass and cardboard boxes, so whether your customers are going to work, on holiday, or just hanging out at home, your customers can enjoy your goods at any time. Besides, due to the lower rigidity of the packaging, the space occupied is much smaller. Products packed in stand-up resealable bags can be stored in cubicles, bags, lockers, and small pantry to provide greater convenience for your customers. Whether it is carried out or used in the store, stand up pouches are a very convenient way to pack.


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Suitable for All Kinds of Products


Whether you're making candy, baked goods, coffee, toys, or snacks, the stand-up zipper bag is flexible enough to hold a variety of products from different industries. So even if you currently rely on glass or cardboard packaging, you still have a good chance to make a switch. You may be surprised at how economical, affordable, and user-friendly your new packaging is. The minimum order quantity for all our bags is very low, which enables you to print various design packages and helps you decide whether you need to continue to use this packaging style. Therefore, you can avoid the risk of producing large quantities of products that do not fully meet the demand, thus saving time and money.

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