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How to Choose a Transparent Zipper Plastic Bag?

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Reclosable zip lock bags are widely selected for transportation, packaging and storage applications. These zipper lock bags are designed to provide excellent protection for products and can be widely used in many industries such as food, manufacturing, electronics, construction, and automobiles. The transparent zipper plastic bags are available in various sizes and thicknesses, which can meet different storage, display and transportation requirements of customers.


There are various zipper bags on the market, and many users are confused by their size and thickness. This article aims to briefly discuss how to choose the right size and thickness for your product.


We have learned that there are many styles of zipper bags with personalized designs, such as plastic zip lock bags for clothes, zip lock bags for fridge, plastic zip lock bags for food and makeup plastic zip lock bags.


63-2-food plastic bags

Choose the Right Size and Minimum Thickness


Choosing the right size zip lock bag is extremely important for your specific storage application. If you cannot anticipate a suitable zip lock bag, the small plastic zip lock bag will be torn when the items you try to put in the bag are too large. In fact, in comparison, the cost of large zip lock plastic bag is higher, and it also increases the difficulty of handling.


How to determine whether the selected custom made zip lock bags are suitable for your application?


To obtain a suitable transparent zippered plastic bag, some criteria to consider include:


1. To obtain the length of the bag, measure from the bottom of the reclosable seal to the bottom of the bag.


2. In order to get the width of the bag, please measure from side to side.


If your application requires storage of rigid items, choose a bag that is ½ inch higher than the measured bag width (W). At this time, rigid objects can easily pass through the bag opening without any difficulty.


According to the thickness or volume of the item, adjust the size accordingly. For example, you can add ½ʺ to 2 for on both sides of the bag to avoid loosening.


Clear plastic zip lock bags of various sizes are manufactured in different thicknesses. You must choose a zipper lock bag with the right thickness to get the desired effect.


63-3-plastic zip lock bags for clothes

Some things to keep in mind when choosing mil for your packaging include:


Choose a 1 mil resealable bag to shorten product storage time.


Choose a 1.5 mil zipper bag to protect items from dust, moisture, etc.


Choose 2 mil transparent ziplock plastic bags to store products that require regular protection.


Choose a mil bag when extra protection is needed when storing nuts, bolts or other industrial parts.


Use a 4 mil zip lock bag to store metal parts that require heavy protection.


Choose a 6-mil bag to store large items or sharp corners. A bag with this thickness can provide extra heavy protection for stored items.


You can contact the manufacturer of the item you want to buy, and they will help you choose the appropriate size transparent zipper plastic bag. Almost all leading plastic bag manufacturing and packaging companies will have a competent customer service team dedicated to helping customers answer their questions.

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