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What Are the Popular Forms of Industrial Packaging?

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Industrial packaging is a general term, which includes various packaging processes for packaging, containing, and sealing industrial finished products. At the end of the manufacturing phase, packaging is a key part of the process, which helps to protect and preserve the product during transportation and storage until its final use.


With the right materials and design, industrial plastic wrapping film can effectively protect your products from pollutants such as dirt, moisture, or chemicals. Besides, it can prevent your products from being damaged during transportation and delivery and provide beautiful labels and overall appearance to attract customers.


Because industrial plastic packing film can be used to package so many kinds of products, the most important thing is how to customize the packaging materials to adapt to each unique project. Choosing materials specific to the product at hand helps ensure the best protection against contaminants.


7-1 plastic packing film


Popular Packaging Options


There are several different forms of industrial packaging to adapt to different product sizes, shapes, and materials. Here are the five most common types of industrial packaging:


Cup Pack


Cup loading refers to the use of cylindrical or cup-shaped containers to hold small multi-unit products or liquids. The system uses interchangeable cups to accommodate products of different sizes and consistency, so filling services are particularly popular in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and beverage industries.


Powder Filling


Powder filler is specially provided for powder and other products which are difficult to carry out packaging design in normal industrial packaging process. For example, transporting powder on a conveyor belt would be ineffective and very challenging. Plastic film sealer is especially suitable for food and beverage industry, which can be used to package products, such as coffee grounds, spices, sugar, flour, and even powdered detergent. These fillers can also be used for packaging other than powder products, such as candy and cereals.



Shrink Packaging


Because of its huge versatility, shrink packaging is one of the most popular industrial packaging. When heated, the transparent plastic film shrinks to meet the requirements of the product.




In the food industry as well as the medical industry, bag filling is an ideal application, which helps to seal and lock products to protect them from contamination. Besides, bags allow the product to open and close and can be re sealed.


7-2 plastic wrap roll for packing

Template Filling and Sealing


The template filling sealing machine is a multifunctional machine, which makes a roll of film into a bag and fills the required products. The final step is to seal all the products in the aluminum pouch packaging, which is applicable to all types of industries and departments.


Choose the Right Packaging Type


Each type of packaging bag provides unique functions and advantages, so each kind of packaging is very suitable for specific types of products, whether it is liquid, solid, powder, or other types of products. No matter what kind of product you use, choosing the right type of industrial plastic wrap roll for packing is crucial to protect the product during transportation and delivery and to extend its shelf life.


In order to ensure smooth and efficient operation, you must carefully consider which packaging form is most suitable for your unique product before starting the packaging process.

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