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Basic factors to consider before choosing product packaging

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Packaging design is a combination of art and natural science. Good product packaging can add value to the product! Below we will tell you the factors to be considered in product packaging design.



Basic factors to consider before choosing product packaging


Stick to standard shapes and sizes

Save money by sticking to standard shapes and sizes that are easy for packaging manufacturers to produce. In addition, unique shapes and sizes can help attract people’s attention, but the number of focal points they may obtain is not worth the additional costs and challenges in the packaging production process.


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Choosing standard shapes and sizes can provide you with style and convenience during storage, handling and transportation. Avoiding custom packaging options can also make your orders smaller and reduce costs. Instead, use these savings for smart design choices to enhance visual effects and brand awareness.


Take advantage of invisible cost savings

The cost-effectiveness of packaging is affected by many different factors-material, standard size, who you buy from and how much you order. These are all given. However, you should also consider how the packaging you choose can help you save money in other unconventional ways. Choosing ultra-light materials can help save transportation costs. Choosing easy-to-handle packaging can help increase production efficiency. Look for some packaging options that can save or make your spend on other hidden costs. Aluminium standing pouch, aluminum foil pouch and aluminum foil zip lock bag are more competitive packaging.



Consider shipping and distribution settings

What conditions does your packaging need to withstand? For cargo trucks to transport packaged food, you need to choose products and boxes that are strong enough to withstand these different locations. You should consider how far your product is moved on the truck, and whether to protect it in a pallet or just ship it as a box. The most important thing is that your product is intact when it reaches its destination, and it fits exactly what you want your target customers to see. After all, this will directly affect the attractiveness of the product and buyers.


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Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a key factor in packaging selection, especially when you are selling to the natural food, nutraceutical or body care industry. Environmentally sustainable food grade pouch bags, kraft standing pouch and retort food bags are popular among the customers.



Excellent brand and design

The packaging materials you choose can help reflect your brand image. Choosing packaging materials and overall designs are relevant to your target market. Graphic design is at the core of connecting target consumers with products. Personalized printed spout pouch and customized colorful shipping bags, cute poly mailer bags are more and more popular.

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