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Brief Introduction of Retort Bag Knowledge

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Retort pouch food is a kind of composite plastic film bag which can be heated. It has the advantages of can container and boiling water-resistant plastic bag, so it is also called "soft can". After more than ten years of use, it is proved to be an ideal sales packaging container.



Structure and Material of Retort Bag


Retort bags are usually made of three-layer materials and the representative structure of retort pouches for sale is: the outer layer is polyester film used to strengthen the effect; the middle layer is aluminum foil used for preventing light, moisture, and air leakage; the inner layer is polyolefin film (such as polypropylene film) used for heat sealing and contacting food.




Advantages and Disadvantages of Retort Bag


In food packaging, aluminium retort pouches have many unique advantages compared with metal cans and frozen food packaging bags.


lKeep the color, fragrance, taste, and shape of food.

lEasy to use. The retort bag can be easily opened and you only need to put the food together with the retort pouch bag into boiling water and heat it for 5 minutes.

lConvenient storage and transportation. The retort bag is light in weight, so it can be stacked and stored in small space. The space of retort pouch pack is smaller than that of metal can, so it can make full use of storage and transportation space and save storage and transportation cost.

lSave energy. The energy consumption of the retort bag is 30-40% less than that of the iron can.

lEasy to sell. The retort bag with nozzle can be divided or combined with different foods according to the market demand, so that customers can choose at will.

lLong storage time. The food packed in retort pouch zip bags does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, whose shelf life is stable, so it is convenient for sale or family use.

lLow manufacturing cost. The price of composite film for retort food bags is lower than that of metal plate,whose production process and equipment are very simple.


38-1 aluminium retort pouch


Sterilization Safety of Cooked Bagged Food


lWhen applying for food registration, the enterprise must present the scientific basis for the sufficiency of heating sterilization, which require that the investigation data of temperature distribution on the sterilizer used, the heat transfer test, and the measured data be submitted as attachments.

lThe purpose of the temperature distribution investigation is to confirm the uniformity of the temperature distribution of the food placed in the sterilizer. It is composed of two parts: the specific test for the area with the slowest temperature rise in the sterilizer and the specific test for the part with the lowest temperature (low temperature point) in the area.

lThe heat transfer test can prove the effect under the designed sterilization conditions by measuring the temperature change of food placed at a specific low temperature point. Even in the worst condition position, it can get sufficient heating sterilization effect.


We hope to introduce an effective weapon to improve the safety management of retort packing bag, that is, the critical control point of hazard analysis (HACCP system). This system can be used to check the important management points that need to be controlled to effectively reduce the great harm of the food to human health. If deviation from the management point is found, the product must be isolated, reprocessed, or discarded according to the pre-defined method.

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