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Can Aluminum Foil Bag Be Used in Food Industry?

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Food aluminum foil bag generally refers to aluminum plastic composite foil bag, also known as pure aluminum bag and vacuum aluminum foil bag. The excellent characteristics of aluminium foil pouches not only inject new blood into the packaging industry, but also bring a new experience to food packaging.

27-1 aluminum foil bag 


Advantages of Food Aluminum Foil Bag


The advantages of aluminum bags food packaging are as follows:


  • Food aluminum foil bag has strong air barrier performance, which can effectively prevent oxidation and also can be waterproof and moisture-proof, so as to ensure that the food in the aluminum foil pouch is not affected by moisture or deterioration;

  • Pouch aluminium foil for food has strong mechanical property, so it has high bursting resistance, puncture resistance, and tear resistance

  • The aluminum foil bag for food has good resistance to high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (- 50 ℃), and food fragrance;

  • Food aluminum foil bag is nontoxic, tasteless, environmental friendly, and hygienic, which meets the hygienic standards of food and drug packaging in China;

  • The flexibility, heat sealing performance, and barrier performance of food aluminum foil bag are good, so it is suitable for food preservation.



Application of Aluminum Foil Bag


The advantages of the above aluminum foil zip lock bag make it widely used.


  • Various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery accessories, consumer goods, and industrial products packaging;

  • In food packaging, such as tea packaging bags, coffee packaging bags, health care products packaging bags, and cooked food products packaging bags and so on. High barrier aluminum pouch packaging meets the needs of fatty food for high oxygen resistance and oil resistance, which not only has the function of food security, but also can reduce the amount of plastic when packaging the same amount of food.


27-2 aluminum pouch packaging

Although aluminum packaging bags can bring many benefits to people, aluminum foil bags should pay more attention to the development of environmental protection with the strengthening of people's environmental protection concept.


Aluminium spout pouch is suitable for moisture-proof, light proof, and vacuum packaging of large precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates, which adopts four-layer structure and has good water and oxygen resistance. It can be customized with different specifications and styles, such as flat bag, three-dimensional bag, and organ bag. Aluminum foil bag products need to meet the following three requirements: pass the GB and ASTM standard test, meet the requirements of environmental protection (third-party test report can be provided), and meet the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in EU and North America.


It can be seen from the name that aluminum foil bag is not a plastic bag, even better than ordinary plastic bags. When you want to refrigerate or pack food and you want to keep the food fresh as long as possible, which kind of packaging bag should you choose? Aluminium zip lock pouch is the best choice.

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