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Choose the right food vacuum bag

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If you ask us, which kind of packaging bags should we choose? Then, we will recommend vacuum plastic packets for packaging to you. So what are the reasons? First of all, vacuum packaging bags have good "gas insulation". As we know, food is especially afraid of oxygen, because oxygen is an important basis for many living things to survive, and bacteria are also living things. Some bacteria can multiply in large numbers in the presence of oxygen, which endangers the quality of food and other items. However, the vacuum custom printed resealable poly bags are in a vacuum or near vacuum state, so it can play a very good role in gas insulation. In fact, the vacuum packaging bag can not only play the role of oxygen insulation, but also isolate gases such as carbon dioxide. Secondly, the vacuum packaging bag is safe to use. The vacuum poly bag for packing adopts the "green" production concept, and no chemicals such as adhesives are added in the production process, which is a green product. There are so many vacuum packaging bags in the market, so how to choose the vacuum packaging bag you want?


98-1-poly & plastic bags

At present, the most widely used vacuum packaging is film materials, and of course, bottles and cans are also used. For the film materials used in food vacuum packaging, it is necessary to ensure the best packaging effect, beauty and economy of various foods. At the same time, vacuum pack plastic also has higher requirements for light blocking and stability of materials. When a single material can't meet these requirements, the package is often composed of many different materials. When selecting food vacuum bags, three factors should be considered, including the material, thickness and ribbed profile.





The inside of the vacuum poly & plastic bags need to be in direct contact with food, so the material of the packaging bag is very important for storing food. You can find some manufacturing information on the packaging bag to find out whether the material used in the vacuum poly pack bags are food grade, and the applicable temperature of the packaging bag will be marked on many vacuum packaging bags. Many food packaging bags are made of polyamide and polyethylene, which can ensure the oxygen impermeability and tightness of the vacuum plastic resealable pouches. Under standard manufacturing conditions, vacuum packaging bags can store food for six months or even longer, so in order to ensure the freshness of food, high-quality vacuum packaging bags should be selected.


98-3-poly & plastic bags




Food packaging bags also have different sizes and thicknesses. Thick vacuum custom clear packaging bags can protect food from being squeezed or worn by other items. When storing some sharp items, it is best to cover the sharp edges with paper towels and then put them into the vacuum packaging bags, so as to prevent the vacuum bags from being scratched from the inside.



Ribbed profile


An obvious difference between high-quality vacuum custom poly plastic bags and inferior vacuum bags is the shape and height of the ribbed profile. Inferior vacuum bags are generally two smooth planes, which can not store food correctly, while high-quality vacuum packaging has an ribbed profile channel, which can completely pump out the airflow in the heat sealable plastic bags and ensure high-quality vacuum storage.

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