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Design of toy packaging

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In addition to protecting products, toy plastic stand up pouch is also an important means to promote products and attract consumers. In addition, with the increasing trend of environmental protection in recent years, new requirements are put forward for toy packaging. Then, under the tide of environmental protection, how can toy plastic packaging bag design break out of the routine and play a new meaning on the premise of satisfying the original functions?



Choose the right material. 


Toys packaging materials can directly reflect the image of a brand. If you use poor quality or unsafe printed plastic bags, it will not only cause some safety problems, but also make consumers leave a bad impression on the brand. When choosing toys packaging materials, they should also meet the concept of sustainable development, which can not only play a certain role in environmental protection, but also increase customers' goodwill towards brands and toys.


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Consider the child's age. 


Different toys are suitable for children of different ages to play. Before designing toy eco friendly stand up pouches, if it is for children under three years old, it is best not to use plastic bags or packaging materials that will cause other safety risks, and at the same time, avoid using some non-recyclable packaging materials.



Give play to the function of packaging. 


The basic function of stand up pouches is to protect the products inside, but while protecting the products, children should also easily hold and open them. If the packaging is designed as a storage box for storing other items, it will increase the possibility of customers buying.


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Packaging is a part of the product.


Packaging design should not only consider static visual elements, but also include dynamic usage methods. If used properly, not only the artistic value of custom printed stand up pouches itself will not lose the product itself, but also the process of opening packaging will become a kind of enjoyment.



Attractive packaging appearance.


In recent years, the voice against over-packaging is getting louder and louder. Therefore, minimalist custom standing pouch has become popular. More white space, less color, less words and less decoration are the superficial features of minimalism. In fact, its essence is: the core information is highly concise, the visual center is concentrated and not scattered, which gives people a relaxed and clean feeling as a whole, so it appears high-grade and stylish. This kind of products are packed in solid colors, especially natural colors of logs, with little ink, and only contrast colors are used to highlight key information. As you can imagine, it is quite attractive to have such a "plain" ziplock stand up pouch on the shelves full of fancy and colorful products.

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