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Do You Know the Technology and Advantages of Garment Packaging Bag?

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Packaging to a certain extent represents the product image, so many well-known clothing brand products will only use special clothing packaging bags, which is carefully designed. No matter the size or appearance, the special clothing packaging bag should match the product very well.



Type and Description of Garment Packaging Bag


Clothing packaging bags can be divided into PE, PP, PO, and PPU according to the material.


lPE plastic bag / polyethylene: the appearance is not very transparent, which is turbid, good toughness, and easier to open the opening of the plastic shopping bag.

lPO Plastic Bag / polyolefin: it has good tensile force, high hardness, and slightly lower transparency than other shopping bags with logos plastic, so it is widely used in shopping malls and hotels.

lPP plastic bag / polypropylene: it is transparent and hard, so it is broken and easy to rot in low temperature area, whose tensile force is less than that of PE.

lPPU plastic bag / polyurethane: it has the characteristics of cold resistance, good hardness, and good tensile force.


Custom shopping bags plastic are generally divided into flat bags, organ bags, U-shaped bags, flat hanging bags, pinhole slanting bags, and adhesive plastic bags.


With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, plastic shopping bags packaging are playing an increasingly important role in many fields. In particular, plastic composite packaging bag has been widely used in clothing, food, medicine, chemical industry, and other fields.


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Steps of Making the Finished Product of Clothing Packaging Bag


1. Film Blowing: Draw the Rubber Particles into A film


The temperature should not be too high and the discharging speed should not be too fast to maintain normal heat dissipation. PE and PO dissipate heat by wind, while PP and PPU dissipate heat by water.


2. Printing


It is divided into single-sided printing, double-sided printing, and multi-color printing. You should pay attention to the printing content, size, transcoding, logo position, color, etc. Besides, the printing speed should not be too fast because you need to ensure that the printing ink is dry, so that the font is clear, tidy, and not easy to fade.


3. Bag Cutting


You should pay attention to the blowing out semi-finished products on the cutting machine, which is needed to be aired in time. Also, pay attention to the temperature of the sealing line because different machines, different materials, different bag type, and different thickness will lead to different custom plastic shopping bag cutting temperature.


4. Finished Product Packaging


Package the plastic shopping bags with handle according to customers' requirements in batches, quantity and size.




Advantages of Clothing Packaging Bag

lAs the garment packaging bag is made of plastic, whose moisture-proof, barrier, processing, and molding properties are relatively prominent.

lClothing clear plastic shopping bags can achieve the purpose of lightweight and labor saving in the process of product storage and transportation. At the same time, clothing packaging bags can effectively prevent the leakage, scattering, loss, shrinkage, and discoloration of products. Besides, the high tensile strength and elongation of plastic make the clothing plastic shop bag tote have very good protection performance and not as easy to deform and break as paper bags.


lThe use of black plastic shopping bags in commodity sales makes sales faster and more convenient, but some people worry that plastic bags are not as environmentally friendly as paper bags. 

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