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How Will Stand Up Packaging Bags Develop in 2023?

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Stand up bags are laminated bags, which are usually made of plastic, aluminum, and plastic film amalgam. These standing zipper pouches usually take up less space and reduce packaging materials. A typical stand-alone bag includes many different functions, such as zipper, reverse nozzle, release valve, and slider.


This packaging can protect products from pests, moisture, odor, and steam, which is completely customized for the market because stand up mylar bags can be used for single drinks, pet food, candy, breakfast cereals, snacks, and cookies.




Factors Promoting the Development of Stand Up Bag


The stand up pouch market is expected to grow from US $20.1 billion in 2018 to US $28.9 billion in 2023. Developing countries have a growing preference for packaged drinks and food, while consumers are more interested in light stand up pouches, which can be said to be some factors driving the growth of vertical packaging market. The unique features of the standing pouch Kraft paper, such as easy handling, light weight, and portability, also contribute to the further growth of the market.


Because of its ability to reduce transportation costs, the market is even expected to continue to grow on this basis. According to the research results, the growth of the market is caused by the change of consumers' preference for foods with longer shelf life and higher quality. In addition, higher living standards and lifestyle changes also promote the sales of stand-up bags packaging.



Market Segmentation of Global Stand Up Bag


The stand-up resealable bag market can be subdivided according to the type, form, sealing type, region, and application.

lAccording to the type, stand up pouches amazon can be divided into retorting, standard, hot filling and aseptic.

lAccording to the shape, the vertical pouch market is divided into flat bottom, round bottom, folding / plowing bottom, and K-type.

lAccording to the type of closure, the independent pouch market can be divided into two forms: spout and zipper.

lAccording to the application field, stand up zipper bags can be divided into personal care, health care and other fields.




Regional Analysis


North America has the infrastructure to support the food packaging sector, which has triggered the rapid growth of the vertical bag market. Due to the increasing demand for ready to eat food, the Asia Pacific region accounts for more than 60% of the zip lock standing pouch market.


The stand-up pouch bag wholesale market is growing at a very fast speed, while this pace is expected to further accelerate rather than stop in the short term. The growth of the standing bag market can be attributed to changing demand, lifestyle, and middle-class families with steadily increasing income.


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