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How to Choose A Better Aluminum Foil Vacuum Bag?

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As a popular product in the flexible packaging industry, vacuum aluminium foil bags heat seal are used in various food, catering, electronics, chemical, and other industries because vacuum bags can extend the freshness time of products than ordinary plastic bags.



Difference Between Transparent Vacuum Packaging Bag and Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packaging Bag


Common vacuum coffee aluminium bags include transparent vacuum packaging bag and aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag. Do you know the difference between the two kinds of packaging?



The raw materials of vacuum printed aluminium bag are aluminum foil, polyester, polyethylene, and other films, which has good light proof performance and high temperature resistance, so it can be used as high temperature cooking bag. It is worth mentioning that insulated aluminium cooler bag is unable to see the contents, so moisture resistance is a major feature of it.


Food vacuum bag is made of nylon and polyethylene double-layer composite, whose two sides are transparent and the display of which is more three-dimensional image. Nylon has the characteristics of puncture resistance, soft texture, and strong tensile properties, so it is suitable for cooked food packaging of food, such as chicken, duck and goose.



How to Choose A Better Aluminum Foil Vacuum Bag?


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  • When purchasing aluminium thermal wine bottle bags, you can smell whether there is a peculiar smell at first. If there is a peculiar smell, it does not meet the health standards and will affect the normal use of the bags.

  • Check whether the transparency and clarity of the bag are uniform and whether there is a sense of impurity, etc.


Check the Firmness


  • After tearing the bag, you can see how many layers there are at the crack and try to separate it by hand. If it is not easy to separate, it means that the composite firmness is good, otherwise it is poor. Therefore, it also depends on whether there are bubbles or folds on the surface of the bag when checking the firmness level of the aluminium bag with spout. Due to different materials, the firmness level of vacuum food bag and aluminum foil bag is also different. The main distinguishing method is to tear the edge of the bag by hand because the bag made of nylon and high-pressure film is generally difficult to tear, which can be used to hold heavy products such as stones and large particles. The bag made of OPP heat sealing film is easy to tear, which can only hold some light products.

  • After the bag is torn, you need to check the shape and structure of the section. If you can tear the bag evenly from the middle of the heat seal, it means that the heat seal of the bag is poor and it is easy to break the bag in the production process.


29-2 printed aluminium bags

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  • You need to see the stiffness of the bag at first. Generally speaking, the higher the flatness, the better the stiffness, but there are exceptions. For example, the heat seal of a bag made of nylon and high-pressure film will be wavy.

  • You also need to see if the cut edge of the bag is neat.


Generally speaking, the quality of vacuum square bottom aluminium foil bags food is judged by the quality, appearance uniformity, bag materials, and bag firmness, so you only need to pay attention to the above points when buying aluminium tea packing bags. Of course, we should purchase food vacuum aluminum foil bags from regular manufacturers, which is the basis of quality assurance.

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