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How to Do Aseptic Treatment for Aluminum Foil Bag Packaging?

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As one of the packaging materials, aluminium zipper pouch has the advantages that other traditional packaging materials do not have, which also plays a great role in the packaging bag. Compared with other traditional packaging materials, it is developing at a faster speed, making it used in many fields of life. How should the widely used heat seal aluminum foil bag be aseptic?



What Is Sterilization?


As the name suggests, sterilization is to eliminate and exterminate bacteria. The main reason of food, drink, and drug spoilage is the reproduction of bacteria in food or drink. If the necessary measures are not taken, the aluminum foil insulation bags in food, beverage or packaging containers will be more or less polluted by organic matter in the production process, which will affect the substances in plastic packaging bags or rot fermentation. Microorganisms generally include bacteria, molds, yeasts, and actinomycetes, which are single celled organisms and can be found anywhere in the world. Generally speaking, their growth temperature is between 0-60 ~ C and they are sensitive to water content. The aluminum foil pouch packaging of food, beverage, medicine ,or medical equipment must ensure that the packaged products can meet the requirements of market disinfection products and strive to reduce the decline of product quality.


33-1 aluminium zipper pouch

It is not necessary to kill all microorganisms existing in food or beverage in bag processing, but it can isolate the development conditions of living organisms in bag food or beverage. Therefore, taking feasible sterilization methods to kill harmful microorganisms can ensure the quality and flavor stability of food or beverage and extend its storage life.


Aluminum foil bag is one of the main reasons for the secondary pollution of sterilized products. Conventional chemical or physical disinfection methods will damage the quality of packaging materials and microwave disinfection requires lower temperature than conventional heating disinfection, so it will not have a great impact on product quality. The sterilization technology of plastic packaging bags is mainly aimed at sealed aluminium retort pouches because this kind of sterilization is used for the disinfection of packaged goods, which generally does not use chemical methods. There are mainly the following sterilization technologies.



Hot Charging Sterilization


Hot charging sterilization is a kind of sterilization method that the food or beverage heated to 80-90 ℃ is put into foil drink pouch while it is hot. The sealed food is stored at high temperature or a certain temperature, which is mainly used for liquid food with high acidity.


 28-2 aluminum foil pouch packaging

Cooking Sterilization


Cooking sterilization method is mainly used for some less acidic food, such as meat, fish, poultry, milk, and eggs. The sterilization temperature is generally 121 ℃ or 134 ℃, so the aluminum pouch for food (cooking bag) is put into a high-pressure closed container and heated with steam or pressurized water.


According to the different conditions of cooking bag in sterilization, cooking sterilization method can be divided into static heating sterilization and rotary heating sterilization. According to the different heating medium, high temperature sterilization can be divided into saturated steam sterilization, air pressurized steam sterilization, and pressurized water sterilization. At present, the most commonly used sterilization method is saturated steam sterilization because the cost of this method is economic and reasonable and the humidity control is convenient.



Ultraviolet Sterilization


Food or beverage packaged in aluminum foil pouch packaging can also be sterilized by high-efficiency ultraviolet light. When using ultraviolet sterilization, you need to determine the intensity and time of ultraviolet radiation according to the size of the package and the content.

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