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How to choose food vacuum bag with suitable material?

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Food vacuum bag should be selected according to product characteristics, and best vaccum storage bags can be divided into non-barrier vacuum bags, medium-barrier vacuum bags and high-barrier vacuum bags in terms of barrier properties; From the functional point of view, it can be divided into low temperature resistant vacuum bags, high temperature resistant vacuum bags, puncture resistant vacuum bags, self-standing bags, clear plastic zip lock packaging bags and organ bags. Faced with various packaging materials and different product characteristics, how to choose suitable vacuum packaging materials has become a problem that must be solved in practical production and application. So how do we choose the best bagged vaccum for food?


Because different products have different requirements for packaging materials, material selection should be made according to product characteristics, including: deterioration problem, product shape, product surface hardness, storage conditions, microorganism removal temperature, etc.


95-1-clear plastic zip lock packaging bags


1.Vacuum bags are divided into single layer and multi-layer


Ordinary vacuum bags are made of PE single-layer material, which can be vacuumized, but the damage rate and air leakage rate of vacuumizing are relatively high, and the cost is low. Many people choose single-layer PE bags as small vaccum seal packages to save costs. Good vacuum bags are made of multi-layer composite materials, such as nylon /PE. This is a two-layer composite bag, which is firm and will not leak when vacuumized. At present, most food packaging bags use multi-layer composite bags as vacuumized bags.



2. Products with regular shape or soft surface


For products with regular shape or soft surface, such as sausage products, bean products, etc., it is not necessary to require high mechanical strength of materials, only the influence of barrier property and sterilization temperature on materials needs to be considered. Therefore, plastic vaccum packaging bags with OPA/PE structure are generally used for such products. If high temperature sterilization (above 100℃) is required, OPA/CPP structure or PE with high temperature resistance can be used as heat sealing layer.


95-3-clear plastic zip lock packaging bags


3. Products with high surface hardness


Products with flesh and blood have high surface hardness and hard protrusions, which easily puncture the packaging bag plastic during vacuumizing and transportation. Therefore, the packaging bags of such products need to have good puncture resistance and cushioning performance, and vacuum reusable packaging bags made of PET/PA/PE or OPET/OPA/CPP can be selected. If the weight of the product is less than 500g, we can try to use OPA/OPA/PE packaging bag, which has good product adaptability and better vacuumizing effect without changing the shape of the product.



4. Perishable products


Low-temperature meat products, which are easy to deteriorate and need low-temperature sterilization, do not have high requirements on the strength of self seal packaging bags, but they require high barrier properties. Therefore, pure coextruded films such as PA/PE/EVOH/PA/PE films, dry-cured films such as PA/PE films, and K-coating materials can be used. PVDC shrink bags or dry compound plastic bags vacuum packaging can be used for high temperature products.

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