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How to choose protective baby food packaging?

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In the process of storage and sales of infant food after production, the food will be polluted or mechanically damaged to varying degrees due to external environmental factors, which will affect the quality of products. The preservation function of stand up zipper bags is to protect products from or reduce the influence of external environment and maintain the quality of products.



Safety of packaging materials


The safety of packaging materials means that the strength and toughness of Seal zip lock plastic bags should be able to withstand extrusion, not easy to deform, and have good sealing effect, which can prevent food from spoiling and deterioration. Good sealing will ensure that the internal food does not rot and deteriorate, while shockproof and cushioning will avoid the damage of fragile and explosive materials to infants and young children.


86-1-customised shape pouch

When the Small plastic zip bags are transparent or semi-transparent, food deterioration and component decomposition will sometimes occur due to visible high line and ultraviolet rays penetrating through the packaging bags, so there is a method to add colorant and ultraviolet absorber into the packaging material. For packaging such as glass bottles that cannot be added with ultraviolet absorber, some colorants and ultraviolet absorber coatings can be used. When clear resealable plastic bags are used, problems such as expansion, deformation, rupture, dissolution, discoloration and adsorption of plastic packaging will sometimes occur due to the action of materials and contents. There are also many aluminum foil insulation bags made of metal materials in the market, sometimes corrosion and discoloration of metal caused by content or external environment occur. The methods to prevent corrosion generally include coating protective layer, plating metal, forming oxide film and so on.


Some clear package bags will change color and deteriorate under the influence of natural light and artificial light source. Therefore, when goods are displayed in shops or windows, the packaging materials will sometimes change color and become brittle due to the exposure of sunlight and fluorescent lamps. If you want to prevent this from happening, you will usually add some pigments such as titanium dioxide and ultraviolet absorbers with good light shielding effect to the polythene packing bags, so as to improve the light resistance of the packaging.


85-2-spout pouch packaging


Some common baby food packaging


Stand up pouches for baby food are very convenient, and it can prolong the shelf life of products to a certain extent. This kind of food packaging bag can effectively store nutrients in the packaging bag and discharge oxygen and moisture. The stand up zipper pouch bags are very easy to open, and many novel designs can be closed repeatedly, which is convenient to carry.


The spout pouch packaging is also a very common package. This package has a mouth that can be unscrewed, so it can be used many times. Many jellies use this kind of packaging bag. The spouted pouch is very easy for children to open and easy for parents to use.


Safe and healthy infant food packaging materials not only require stable chemical properties, but also good physical properties. Therefore, designers need to understand and consider the advantages and disadvantages of materials in many aspects when designing infant custom plastic bags for food, and also consider various situations that may occur during the use of food packaging. Only in this way can the designed food packaging be more reasonable and safe.

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