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How to design candy packaging for your brand?

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Candy has always been a popular food. Candy means sweetness and warmth. It also reminds people of childhood memories and reminiscent of colorful colors, because they are the unique mark of candy. At present, the packaging of candy on the market is very innovative, attracting the attention of many consumers. When a new product is on the market, packaging design is an important part that cannot be ignored. How to design a candy packaging pouch for your brand? Let us look at it together.



What does the customer want

Customers care about the product packaging and carefully check the product packaging before final purchase. Customers can judge the quality of the product through its packaging in just a few seconds. They not only care about the aesthetic appeal of candy packaging, but also attach great importance to environmental issues. Therefore, brands should focus on designing candy boxes that are not only attractive but also environmentally friendly. Nowadays, people prefer brands that sell environmentally friendly packaging and are willing to pay higher prices.


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Most brands make this mistake, allowing consumers to find a small pile of candies in unnecessary large boxes, which may have a negative impact on sales. Only a few candies in a plastic packaging bag or pvc pouch will leave customers with a wrong impression and disappoint them. Secondly, unnecessary packaging will waste the environment, which will damage your brand image. People don't want exaggerated designs in the packaging. As a brand, you should avoid using it at all costs.



How to innovate candy packaging pouches

1. Expand consumption scenarios. With the help of birthdays, festivals, souvenirs, wedding banquets, fitness and other scenes, design targeted packaging to tap more candy consumption potential.


2. Product cross-border innovation. Cross-border expansion is an important way for confectionery and chocolate products to seek innovation and explosion. How packaging adapts to cross-border innovation will be the key.


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3. Improve functional candy packaging. Applying new technologies such as functional packaging materials to ensure the quality of functional candies and differentiate them from ordinary candies. Customised shape pouch, stand up zipper pouch, strong vacuum storage bags and other personalized packaging have gradually become mainstream.


4. Promote green and sustainable packaging. Less plastic, more renewable raw materials, lower packaging weight, recyclability, etc. More and more brands are beginning to pay attention to the environmental performance of packaging. For example, Nestlé Japan has put on new "clothes" for KitKat chocolate bars this year. After replacement, the paper packaging can be folded into paper cranes after use, which not only reduces the use of plastic packaging can also convey good wishes. If you are an environmentally friendly candy brand, please show off on the packaging. Print the recyclable logo on the packaging pouch. In this way, you will get a positive response from your customers and ultimately help you increase sales.



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