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How to package liquid?

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At present, liquid food has been favored by consumers, and the packaging of liquid food is developing with people's needs. Moreover, liquid spout bags have different requirements in filling, storage, transportation and sales. The design of spouted pouches is very flexible, and there are two methods for liquid filling, one is filling directly from the spout, and the other is sealing after filling through the gap in the film. Moreover, the liquid pouch bag with spout can stand on the shelf for display after filling, so that customers can see the products more intuitively. The spouted pouch also has great advantages in cost, so many manufacturers will choose this kind of packaging bag to package liquids or beverages.


Many liquid spout pouch packaging are composed of flexible inner bags made of multilayer films and sealed faucet switches. The inner bag is made of different materials to meet the needs of different liquid packages. It can be identified by spraying codes or customized in size. This aluminium spout pouch has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, and is sterile, nontoxic and odorless. The volume utilization rate is very high, can be better matched with the outer container, and has light weight, is convenient for storage and transportation, and reduces the cost of material storage, transportation and packaging. It is energy-saving, environment-friendly, easy to recycle and recyclable. The liquid retort pouch with spout has a long shelf life, which is close to the shelf life of products, so it has strong competitiveness. A variety of inner bag film materials and spout greatly expand the types of packaged liquids and their application fields.


100-2-liquid spout bag




The transparent spout pouch has good performance. Besides its advantages in production, this kind of packaging bag is also very convenient in use. The traditional liquid packaging box can't be used for many times, but the spouted pouch has a flexible spout, so it can be reused by people, which also accords with people's consumption concept of environmental protection and gives people a better consumption and use experience.


100-1-liquid spout bag




Different liquids need to use different liquid spout packaging pouch bags. In addition to the packaging of some drinks, there are honey liquid packaging, detergent and grease liquid packaging, etc. No matter what special needs the products have, they can be customized. If you want to customize the liquid packaging, besides designing the size and shape of the pouches for liquid packaging, you should also pay attention to the pattern printing of the packaging bag. You can design the printed pattern according to the characteristics of the product. Nowadays, many people will pursue simple packaging design, so if your product is aimed at young people, you can design the packaging into a solid color with a simple slogan. If your product is aimed at children, you can also use animal images to design the packaging printing.


In the modern packaging industry, liquid reusable spout pouch bag has become one of the most important packaging forms in shelf sales with brilliant colors, rich functions and various forms of expressive force. The progress of the spouted liquid stand up pouches has greatly promoted the development of food, daily chemicals, medicine and other industries, which in turn have further stimulated the demand for the flexible packaging market and made the flexible packaging industry gain huge market power. 

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