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How to utilize food packaging to promote your brand?

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The main purpose of food packaging is to keep the contents of the packaging fresh, but in fact, the design and construction of the packaging are essential to establish a strong brand image. Both new and existing customers can immediately recognize it, and it can also help the products stand out from the competition. But how to create food packaging that accurately reflects your brand? It depends on your brand strategy, the type of products you sell, how you consume it, and your target audience. To help you, please consider the following tips.



How to use food packaging to promote brands

1. Graphics

Good graphics usually convey important information to customers clearly with minimal text. They can be used to emphasize brand identity, provide health or nutrition information, share interesting facts about the product, and entertain.


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Examples of useful graphics include mascots, graphics and charts, logos, photos, drawings, and 3D graphics. Together, these elements can tell a powerful and coherent story about your product, business, and value.


2. Text

There are many uses for text. Choosing the right way of communication and communication is crucial to establishing contact with the audience. In addition to introducing your product name, it also explains to customers the content, flavor, ingredients, health and nutrition information and manufacturing process of the product;


Text positioning is also very important. The most important text should be easy to find in the distance to attract customers to choose products and learn more. Other content such as nutrition, cooking instructions and safety precautions should be neatly arranged on the sides and back.


3. Consider shelf applicability

Rigid packaging is a popular choice because it protects the contents but still maintains its shape. Therefore, your products may appear on store shelves in the same state as when they left the factory or warehouse. Shaped yogurt pouch, shaped ziplock pouches, diamond shape pouch and other shapes pouch are common customised shape pouch.


On the other hand, flexible packaging has many unique advantages. You can personalize the appearance of the packaging in many ways. These include design, size and shape, text and image placement.


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4. Easy to use

In addition to being attractive in appearance, your food packaging must also be functional. It must be able to maintain its shape and form during transportation until it appears on the store shelf.


Most importantly, the product must be easy to open, consume and store. If possible, you should include a resealable label to keep the product fresh.


5. Maintain brand consistency

If you already have a fairly mature brand, you need to keep the most recognizable elements of the strategy. The company’s logo is displayed in the packaging, combined with a specific color scheme and unique fonts. The packaging not only maintains consistency with the brand, but also highlights and promotes the brand.



For more suggestions on how to create food packaging that reflects your brand, please talk to YT Kaixiang Packaging now. You can also log on to our official website to get more knowledge about food-grade vacuum bags, stand-up pouches, zip lock bags, retort bags, aluminum bags.

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