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Shaped pouches packaging

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With the popularity of shaped packaging pouches and the increase of commodity circulation, it brings more and more convenience to consumers' life and shopping, but it also poses challenges to various commodity manufacturers. How can we make our products stand out in the market and attract consumers better?


Studies have shown that 74% of consumers' purchase behavior is an emotional behavior decided on the spot. There are many kinds of goods on the shelves, and the time that consumers' eyes stay on each kind of goods may exceed one second. It is often because of the shaped ziplock pouches of the goods that customers can keep their eyes and steps. With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, some shape plastic pouches that meet the market demand came into being, which broke through the limitation of traditional soft packaging in bag design and attracted the attention of many consumers with its novel and unique shape and convenient and reliable functions.


87-1-shaped ziplock pouches

Today, we are going to talk about the shaped spout pouch, which breaks through the shackles of the traditional square bag, and changes the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, thus reflecting different design styles, which are novel, simple, clear, easy to identify and highlight the brand image. Shaped ldpe ziplock pouches can be added with zipper, hand hole, mouth and other application functions at will, which makes the packaging more convenient and humanized.


According to different forms, shaped pouches bags can be mainly divided into the following types:



Shaped self-supporting bag with mouth


The function of adding mouth is to facilitate the dumping of contents, and the product after adding mouth can be re-sealed, which means that it can be unsealed for multiple times. This customised shape plastic pouch is suitable for liquid drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, edible oil and other products that need to be unsealed for many times.



Shaped self-supporting bag with imitation mouth


The characteristic of this packaging bag is that there is no additional mouth in the packaging design, but a bag shape similar to the mouth is made by using the manufacturing characteristics of the special shape spout pouch pentagon, which is convenient for taking and using. This design is suitable for liquid refills, but once opened, it cannot be sealed again.


87-3-shaped ziplock pouches


Shaped self-supporting bag with zipper


The zipper is also used to facilitate multiple unsealing. However, the difference is that the way of repeated sealing is zipper, so this kind of design is not suitable for packaging liquid, but can be used for some light dry items, such as candy, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits, jelly, tea and so on.


Shaped flow pack pouches should also pay attention to the following matters when designing: The first is the change of content. After changing the ordinary packaging bag into a shaped pouches bag, its capacity will definitely change. Therefore, it is necessary to redesign the size of the packaging bag. Then there is the change of the outer edge of the packaging bag. Because it is a soft fruit shape juice pouch, the outer edge of the packaging bag should not adopt sharp corners to avoid puncturing other packages or hurting users when stacking. Finally, it is the influence of packaging mode. If the shaped bag is sealed by automatic sealing equipment, in order to facilitate the smooth production, there are certain requirements for the opening direction and sealing position of the shaped bag, which is also a point that needs to be considered.


Shaped packaging bags have advantages over other common packaging bags, and can attract the attention of many consumers. Manufacturers can consider whether to choose special shape spout pouches with suction nozzles or zippers from the aspect of cost.

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