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Six Reasons for Choosing Stand Up Pouch?

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Packaging has become an important part of brand activities, which can not only protect your food or items, but also help to keep them fresh and original. There are many packaging options, including plastic stand up pouches. Top brands from various industries are replacing traditional packaging methods with flexible packaging because they focus on the use of environmentally friendly and lightweight packaging materials. Stand up pouches zip lock are suitable for all products that can be put on retail shelves, so they are widely accepted by people, which is the first choice for manufacturers of food, beverage, care products, vitamins, and pet food. White stand up pouches have the advantages of easy tearing and keeping the product fresh for a long time. 


Choosing a packaging standard always starts with identifying the main needs of the product, so here are some important reasons why the black stand up pouch is the best choice for your product.




Better Brand Awareness


Packaging can act as an important brand and sales tool. The packaging on the shelf provides lower visibility, while the resealable stand up pouches are displayed to all customers like posters, providing better visibility, and space for the products to attract consumers.



Product Preview


The main focus of the self-standing pouch is to show the internal product, while a separate laminated bag will highlight your product's tidiness and avoid distorted shape. In addition, if it is a vertical bag, you can clearly see the important mandatory information listed on the bag from a distance.

Promotion and sales


Standing zipper pouches have different sizes and lengths in different market segments, the main focus of which is to provide a smaller or sample number of products to build brand awareness. Promotional packaging takes up less space, which is the perfect choice of packaging sample size. Promotional packages allow consumers to experience your product without any commitment to buy it.



Preservation and Protection


Frosted stand up pouches are not only great for displaying your products, but their storage capacity makes them popular. In the case of protecting any kind of product, including sharp or heavy objects, the size of the bag plays a crucial role. When choosing packaging bags, you should consider some special additives in specifications and materials because they are necessary for preservation and protection of products.


11-1 stand up pouch zip lock

Convenience and Portability


These flexible individual bags take up less space on shelves or kitchen shelves than cans or boxes, which can be transported from one place to another without any trouble or leakage. In addition, they come with re-closable zippers, which help consumers re seal their packaging.



Sustainability and Savings


Like all flexible packaging, standing bags require less material and energy, while hard packaging consumes three times as much energy per unit as upright packaging, which means laminated mylar stand up pouches can save costs.


All the features outlined make foil stand up pouches one of the fastest growing packaging formats, so will you start looking forward to purchasing vertical bags for your product or brand?

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