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What Are the Advantages of Stand Up Pouches Compared with Other Bags?

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Why do brands give up hard packaging and turn to flexible standing bags? This is mainly because the stand-up pouches for liquids can better protect and promote the sales process. From production to purchase, stand up bags provide multiple benefits for manufacturers and consumers. Here are the eight advantages customers like to have.



Convenient for Drawing


All packaging printing options can be created with amazing high-definition graphics for your stand-up bags with window, which can provide the most accurate ink control. Combined with this advanced printing technology, it can provide the best and most eye-catching graphics for your products on the shelf.


13-1 custom standing pouch zipper


Various Shapes and Structures


Stand up bags can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, including compostable stand-up pouches with window, occasional box bags, K-sealed bags, and four-seals (two side gusset plates and four vertical seals). Standing bags can even be cut into custom shapes and really stand out on the shelves.



Cost Reduction


If you want to reduce the cost of materials, it's very easy to change to transparent standing pouches (generally flexible packaging). The unit cost of hard packaging is three to six times that of soft packaging, while the cost of printing folding carton is about twice that of soft packaging. Simply, choosing a stand-up pouch without zipper over a rigid alternative will mean a significant increase in your business profitability.



Transportation and Storage


Depending on the pouch and original packaging solution, you can install 5 to 10 times the number of units on a truck. Because of the lighter packaging and lower fuel cost per truck, you can store more products in less space and spend less time and manpower moving them.



Convenience Function


The resealable custom standing pouch zipper helps to extend the service life of food and create a better customer experience for your product. You can choose laser perforation, transparent window, handle, and nozzle to increase the convenience of use. In addition, the spouted liquid stand up pouch can be processed in the microwave oven, so consumers don't have to take it out of the bag.



Product Safety


Vertical bags can keep food fresh for a longer time and provide good barrier control to reduce the possible loss of producers. During transportation, you can use anti puncture membranes to protect your products and many special membranes can provide additional moisture, pollution, and UV protection.




Shelf Impact


Standing pouch has a wide range of shapes and amazing high-definition graphics capabilities, so it is very easy to attract customers' attention on the shelf. In terms of shelf impact, custom stand up pouch bags can enable your products to compete with the advantage of less floor space.





Plastic stand up pouches with zip lock are environmentally friendly and generally use less materials, energy, and water, thus reducing the production of volatile organic compounds. In addition to cost savings, their lighter weight and more compact size can save fuel emissions during transportation. The use of any non-recyclable materials in the landfill site occupies less space than rigid materials and the use of innovative standing zip lock pouches can also ensure the safety and quality of the landfill site on the basis of recycling or biodegradation.

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