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What Are the Advantages of Using Plastic Bags?

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Plastic bags have many disadvantages, including unsafe to the environment, not easy to recycle, may lead to a variety of health hazards. However, no one can deny that plastic packaging bags are the most convenient and practical packaging choice, which is the main reason why they are widely used in packaging, retail, shopping, and other functions around the world. In fact, about 500 billion resealable plastic bags are used for shopping every year, so the advantages of plastic bags cannot be ignored because they are not safe to the environment.



Good for Brand Promotion


Those who run stores or supermarkets find it easy to print their business name, logo, and other important information on plastic bags for clothes.


40-1 plastic packaging bag


Cost Effectiveness


Plastic bags are cheaper than cloth or paper packaging. For example, a packing plastic bag costs about 0.25 cents, while a paper bag costs 5 cents or more. What's more, a reusable cloth bag will cost several dollars, so it's economical to buy plastic bags, which can help you save more money and help your business earn more.



Save Time and Space


Plastic bags can save you time because they can be opened and packed quickly, which is why busy cashiers like to use them. Not only do they allow lines to move in an efficient way, but they also take up less space than paper bags in cash registers and storerooms.


Reusable cloth bags take up more space and are heavier than plastic packaging bags wholesale, so you don't have to look for extra space to store plastic bags. If you want a package that can save you time and space, plastic bags are definitely a good choice.





Most plastic bags for clothes packing are biodegradable, which means that when they are thrown into the garbage and they can be broken down in a reasonable time. Degradable plastic bags usually decompose in three years, while an ordinary plastic bag takes an average of 500 years to completely decompose because they are decomposed by bacteria or other organisms.


40-2 small resealable plastic bags


Consume Less Energy in the Manufacturing Process


The plastic manufacturing process is energy-saving and the solid waste rate is low, so a small resealable plastic bag consumes 40% less energy than a paper bag and produces 70% less solid waste.



Weather Resistant and Durable


Plastic bags are usually durable, mainly because they don't tear easily and are resistant to most chemicals. In addition, they can also be weatherproof, which is the main reason why paper or cloth bags cannot surpass plastic bags.


As you can see, there are many advantages to using large resealable plastic bags at home or in business. Although they are pocket friendly and durable packaging options, plastic bags can end up in the ocean and landfills and damage the environment, which requires us to reuse plastic bags as much as possible before throwing them away and give the rest to the recycling department. In addition, it will help slow down the accumulation of waste in landfills and the ocean. There are many reasons why you should consider using plastic packaging bags for clothing because recycling them thoroughly can benefit customers and businesses without damaging the environment.

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