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What Are the Applications of Plastic Woven Bags?

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Plastic woven bags are composed of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags according to the main materials. According to the sewing method, it is divided into bottom bags with seams and bottom bags with seams. At present, it is widely used as a packaging material for fertilizers, chemical products and other items. The main production process is to use plastic raw materials to extrude film, cut, and uniaxially stretch into flat filaments, and then weave the products through warp and weft, generally called woven bags. The plastic woven bags we commonly see in life mainly include transparent plastic shopping bag, garment plastic shopping bag and drawstring plastic shopping bag. Some widely used industries will be listed below.


1. Packaging of Agricultural and Industrial Products


In the packaging of agricultural products, plastic woven bags have been widely used in aquatic product packaging, poultry feed packaging, and covering materials for farms. In planting crops, we will use plastic film roll for shading, wind and hail sheds. Common products include feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, eco friendly shipping bags for fertilizers, urea woven bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags, etc.


77-3-garment plastic shopping bag

2. Food Packaging


In recent years, food packaging such as rice and flour has gradually adopted zip pouch for food packaging. Common woven bags are rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags and other woven bags.


3. Geotechnical Engineering


Plastic woven bags are widely used in the construction of small water conservancy, electric power, highways, railways, seaports, mine construction and military engineering. In these projects, geosynthetics have the functions of filtration, drainage, reinforcement, isolation, and seepage prevention, and plastic geotextiles are a kind of synthetic geotextiles.


4. Tourist Transport


In the tourism industry, temporary tents, parasols, all kinds of travel bags,  all have plastic woven applications. A variety of tarpaulins are widely used as covering materials for transportation and storage, replacing the bulky cotton tarpaulins that are prone to mildew. Fences and nets in construction are also widely used in plastic woven fabrics. Common ones include logistics bags, packaging bags for shipping, custom poly bags for shipping, shipping packaging bags, etc.


5. Daily Necessities


Workers, farmers, freighters, and marketers don’t use plastic woven products. There are plastic woven products everywhere in shops, warehouses, and homes. The padding materials of chemical fiber carpets have also been replaced by plastic woven fabrics, such as plastic shopping bag, supermarket environmental shopping bag, freight woven bags used for logistics transportation, and sustainable logistics woven bags.


77-1-drawstring plastic shopping bag

6. Anti-flood Materials


Woven bags are indispensable for flood fighting and disaster relief. Woven bags are also indispensable in the construction of dams, river banks, railways, and highways. The common ones are anti-information woven bags, drought-proof woven bags, and flood-proof woven bags.


7. Special Woven Bags


Due to special factors, some industries need to use some woven bags that are not usually used, such as carbon black bags. The biggest feature of carbon black bags is sun protection. Carbon black woven bags have stronger sun protection ability than ordinary woven bags, while ordinary woven bags cannot withstand long-term sun exposure. There are also anti-UV woven bags with anti-ultraviolet function and anti-aging function.

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