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What Are the Basic Factors to Consider before Choosing Product Packaging?

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For any product, if it wants to attract the attention of customers when it is sold, the outer packaging plays a big role. Therefore, the best packaging of new products may be crucial to the competitiveness of the product on the shelf. In any company, it will directly affect the company's market share and competitiveness. Here are some factors to make the packaging of a product more successful.


At present, there are many novel packaging bags, such as custom printed ziplock bags, paper bag with aluminum foil, drawstring plastic shopping bag and self adhesive clear bag.


1. The Material of the Packaging Should Have Good Durability


No matter how unique or novel packaging is designed, it is necessary to ensure the protection of the quality of the goods. In this way, the goods will not be damaged during transportation, so as to avoid immeasurable losses. Although the use of good quality packaging materials will increase the cost of the product, it is more cost-effective and less risky to invest in materials as early as possible than to change the packaging or damage the goods again and again.


76-1-paper bag with aluminum foil

2. The Size and Shape of the Packaging Must Be of High Standards


In daily life, we often see an endless stream of unique packaging on the shelves, such as bottle shape storage pouch, apothecary jar shaped pouch and cylinder shape PVC pouch. Although the unique shape and size will attract people's attention, the costs and challenges behind these are not worth mentioning. However, the production of standard sizes and shapes saves time and money for packaging manufacturers, and this kind of goods is simpler, more convenient and more flexible during long-distance transportation. Using the saved funds for other designs and customer needs will increase brand promotion and visibility.


The professional packaging bags used for different commodities are different. For example, for refrigerators and freezers, the commonly used packaging bags mainly include food fresh freezer bag, freezer fresh vacuum bag and freezer food storage bag.


3. Cost Savings


There are many factors that affect the cost of packaging, such as material, size, order quantity, etc., which are all established costs. We should also consider other factors to help us save as much as possible. For example, we can choose materials with the same properties but lighter weight to save transportation costs, or choose easier-to-handle packaging to improve production efficiency, and we can transport them all at once without having to transport them multiple times.


67-2-freezable yoghurt pouches

4. Brand and Design Should Be Prominent


Packaging materials can help reflect the company's brand image, such as environmentally friendly, recyclable and so on. And choosing materials and designs related to the market can be used in the entire product line without having to rack your brains to think about other design patterns and so on.


An excellent graphic design can connect consumers and products. Therefore, it is important to find a good graphic designer who can create something that resonates with customers.


5. The Impact of Natural Environment on Product Packaging


Meteorological conditions mainly include sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, snow and air. Their effects on different products are also different, which all need to be considered separately for different meteorological conditions.


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