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What Are the Benefits of Cooking Bags?

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What is retort packing bag packaging? This is a can replacement method that involves the use of thin and flexible pouches. Producers need to fill, pack, and sterilize sealed containers, which can remove bacteria and extend the service life of products. The shelf life of the retort pouch food is similar to canned foods, so it does not need to be refrigerated.


The thin and flexible cooking bag can transfer heat quickly, resulting in sterilization process 30% faster than the can. This faster program uses less energy, so it can also save costs. Besides, it allows products to maintain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The empty retort pouch for sale needs less storage space, so it reduces the storage cost to a certain extent. Cooking bag not only has the advantages of light weight, easy packaging after filling, transportation cost saving but also provides an expandable marketing space.



Consumers appreciate the convenience of these products because they can boil them directly in bags or heat them in a microwave oven. The built-in top notch can easily tear open the retort pouch zip bag without a can opener. Because the aluminium retort pouch is flat before processing and takes up less space after use, it reduces the total amount of household or institutional waste.



Advantages of Cooking Bag


Generally speaking, the advantages of retort pouch packs can be divided into the following aspects:


lShelf life similar to canned products

lNo refrigeration required

lTransportation and storage cost savings

lImprove product taste and appearance

lIncrease the retention of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

lLess space is needed before filling and after emptying

lEasy to open with built-in top notch

lEasy to build brand



Common Methods of Retorting Packaging


You can put almost every possible processed food or drink in a retort pouch bag and even pet food manufacturers often use them to pack wet food and snacks. Cooking bags are an excellent choice for ready-made entrees such as curries, dough sauces, and other pre-cooked dinner items, while manufacturers often use these containers for soup, rice, and pre-cooked vegetables.


lPet products, including snacks and wet food

lJuice and yogurt drinks

lMain course selection for ready to eat dinner

lSoups, rice and raw pre-cooked vegetables


36-1 retort pouch food


Disadvantages of Retorting Packaging


lRetort bag with nozzle offers two main disadvantages: initial mechanical cost and process complexity. It requires highly specialized filling, heat treatment, and tensile strength testing equipment, so these machines are often expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain.

lThe complexity of production creates another potential stumbling block. In order to heat treat the retort food bag properly, the manufacturer must consider several factors including residual air and package thickness.

lTwo other potential difficulties include slow filling and the need to provide additional protection during transportation.

lDepending on the type of container you choose, you may need to provide additional packaging during the distribution process to minimize the chance of accidental puncture.

lExpensive special equipment is needed;

lComplex sterilization process;

lFilling speed is slightly slow, which may need additional protection during transportation;

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