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What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of Ziplock Bags?

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The ziplock bag is made of polyethylene (LDPE) and high-voltage linear polyethylene (LLDPE) through film blowing, and eagerly cutting the bag to make a plastic bag that can be re-sealed.


Ziplock bags can be used for inner and outer packaging of various small items (jewelry, hardware, toys), including self seal glue strip bags, self adhesive courier bags and clear plastic bags with adhesive strip. The ziplock bag produced with food-grade raw materials can store various small foods, tea, seafood, etc. Its advantages are moisture-proof, odor-proof, waterproof, insect-proof and prevent things from being scattered. Plastic bag with sticky seal can also be used for packaging clothing and other daily necessities. The anti-static self-adhesive bag can be produced by adding anti-static masterbatch during the production of blown film, which is generally used in the electronics industry.


Self adhesive packing bag is a packaging bag that can be press-fitted and re-sealable. It is also known as compact bag, bone bag, sealed bag and zipper bag. This is an environmentally friendly product with the advantages of toughness, durability, reusability, and long service life. It can be used to print advertisements and marks on the surface, and can be used as a refrigerator preservation bag. Many clothing and food brands use transparent self adhesive plastic bags to package products. It can prevent things from being scattered. It can also be reused, and the ziplock bag will be sealed tightly with a light press.


65-1-self adhesive packing bag

Advantages and Characteristics of Ziplock Bags


1. High barrier. The self adhesive seal plastic bag mainly uses the high barrier properties of different packaging materials to co-extrude the film to achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, and odor.


2. Stable performance. Its characteristics are moisture resistance, oil resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, freshness, quality, and odor. The reusable ziplock bag can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and inflatable packaging.


3. The price is low. Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, the waterproof ziplock bag has the same barrier effect to achieve, and its co-extruded film has a greater price advantage. Due to its simple process, the price of the produced film products can be reduced by 10-20% compared with dry composite films and other composite films.


65-2-waterproof ziplock bag

4. Flexible specifications. The ziplock bag can be arbitrarily selected to meet the different needs of different ziplock products.


5. High strength. Co-extruded film has the characteristics of stretching during processing. After the plastic is stretched, the strength can be increased accordingly. At the same time, packaging materials such as nylon and polyethylene can be added in the middle, so that it can have a composite strength that exceeds that of ordinary plastic packaging, and there is no delamination and peeling phenomenon. The performance is very good, and the heat sealing performance is also very good.


6. The volume ratio is small. The zip lock plastic bag can adopt vacuum shrink packaging, and the volume-to-volume ratio is almost 100%. This packaging effect is unmatched by glass, tin cans, and paper packaging.


In a word, ziplock bags refer to packaging bags that can be automatically sealed by pressing and closing, such as zippered ziplock bags, blown bone (concave-convex bone) ziplock bags, etc.

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