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What Are the Common Packaging Materials?

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Every year, the annual packaging cost of buying and selling products worldwide is billions of dollars. At the moment, when a product is on the shelf, the company usually spends a lot of cost on the packaging as a form of marketing to attract customers. The following is a list of the most commonly used packaging materials in the world.




As the most basic material, cardboard and fiberboard are basically used for primary and secondary packaging of companies all over the world. Paper is used to make a variety of thinner packaging products, including labels, ziplock kraft paper pouch, paper bags, butcher paper, etc. The cardboard is thicker and more durable, so cardboard is usually used for primary packaging, such as milk and juice cartons, cereal boxes, insulated frozen food bag, candy boxes, etc. Cardboard provides slightly stronger product protection than paper materials, while fiberboard offers less.

 79-3-aluminum foil ziplock bags

HDPE/PET/hard packaging


These two materials are harder plastics than other plastics, and both have excellent moisture resistance while maintaining a strong protective structure. The most common uses of HDPE and PET are bottles and jugs, such as plastic transparent jar shaped pouche and bottle shaped plastic spout pouch. Most of the water and soda bottles we buy in our daily lives are made of PET. The edible oil, milk cartons and most bottle cap jugs are made of HPDE.


LDP/LLDPE/flexible packaging


These two materials are flexible packaging materials used worldwide for primary and secondary products. Each material feels soft and usually has excellent puncture resistance. Low-density polyethylene is mainly used to manufacture various bags, films and flexible tubes for packaging, such as food grade plastic film roll, plastic roll for food packaging and so on. LLDPE bags and pipes are usually called polyethylene bags and pipes, and they are usually used for packaging food, such as polythene wrapping roll.


Aluminum Packaging


Aluminum packaging is used in various applications all over the world. The most common and recognized application of aluminum packaging is aluminum cans and containers. According to the Aluminum Association, more than 7 billion aluminum foil cans and containers are produced every year. Although aluminum has a prominent use in cans, there are several other uses for aluminum packaging, and aluminum tea packing bag is also one of them.



Aluminum foil ziplock bags are used as barrier protectors in medical, food, beverage, cosmetics and many other industries. Although its aluminum foil pouch price is higher, aluminum foil is more helpful in protecting the product from moisture, sunlight and other external factors. Aluminum foil packaging is often used with adhesives to protect and preserve unopened products on the shelf.


61-2-zip pouches for food

Glass Jar


Although the PE plastics market has consumed some of the glass packaging market, glass packaging still occupies an important market share in the packaging industry. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages constitute a large part of the glass packaging market. Other industries that always use glass packaging include cosmetics and personal care, food and condiments, and even home decoration and candles.


Glass is the product of choice for some companies because it can be 100% recycled and the glass can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality or purity. Therefore, glass may be the first choice for finished products that save products. Usually more expensive products are packaged in glass packaging to provide a higher-quality appearance for other plastic-packaged products on the shelf.

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