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What Are the Five Types of Standing Up Pouches Packaging?

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Standing pouch packaging is the most popular packaging form that can be used in various industries, which provides a variety of benefits for companies and users. Compared with the traditional hard packaging, they are the more cost-effective and market value. Customers like their convenient storage and attractive exterior, while companies like their convenient distribution. Can you imagine that if today's grocery / retail stores don't have effective product packaging, customer satisfaction will continue to exist?


With the development of various new packaging materials, manufacturers, and distributors are faced with a variety of primary packaging options, such as boxes, cartons, monitors, bottles, composite cans, and flexible stand up pouches. One of the outstanding options is stand up pouches wholesale, which can protect the comprehensive content and facilitate consumers.



1. Standing up pouches in Our Daily Life


Standing pouches are used in most industries, which are ideal for packaging food and are used in many industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial projects, and horticultural products. Compared with traditional packaging, these custom printed stand-up pouches have many advantages.


2. Flat Bottom Standing Up Pouches


Flat bottomed custom printed stand up pouches are increasingly used in the packaging industry, which can be placed on flat bottoms on shelves to attract customers' attention. In addition, they take up less space on the shelf, so they can display more products than other packaging types. One of the biggest advantages of using these white standing pouches is that they require less raw materials for manufacturing (12% less film) and more storage, both of which reduce manufacturing costs. Flat bottomed custom printed stand-up pouches do not need to be packed in cartons and can be displayed gracefully on shelves, which is easy to stack and attracts customers' attention. Besides, these custom printed stand-up pouches are equipped with detachable zippers, so it's very convenient to open the bags. Flat bottomed sustainable stand up pouches are also environmentally friendly because they use fewer materials to make and store large quantities of products, which reduces the carbon footprint of these small stand up pouches.


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3. Vertical Ladle


More and more brands are changing from hard packaging to soft resealable stand up pouches, while standing paper pouch is one of the most common choices of soft packaging. These bags provide the most versatile bags with printed graphics, which will attract the attention of potential customers. Because they can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, this increases their convenience.


In addition, the stand-up pouches eco-friendly also provides good moisture protection, so that the product can keep fresh for a longer time. When the goal is to reduce packaging costs, vertical packaging bag is the best solution because the cost of hard packaging is at least 3-6 times that stand-up pouches for food packaging.


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