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What Are the Selection Criteria for Frozen Food Packaging Bags?

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What should we pay attention to frozen food packaging bags? There are seven areas that should be paid attention to: packaging standards and regulations, frozen food characteristics and protection conditions, packaging materials performance and scope of application, food market positioning and circulation area conditions, the impact of the overall packaging structure and materials on frozen food, reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design and packaging testing.


Vacuum bags for freezing food must meet the requirements of large-scale circulation. From production, transportation to sales, the quality characteristics of frozen products must be maintained to prevent contamination by bacteria and harmful substances. Taking quick-frozen dumplings as an example, many consumers resisted some brands and stopped buying them. Many of the reasons are quality problems such as water loss, fat oxidation and drying, yellowing, cracking, crusty, and savory flavors of dumplings caused by poor packaging materials.


67-2-freezable yoghurt pouches

This principle also applies to pork sausage freezer bags, lunch bag freezer packs and freezable yoghurt pouches.


Good frozen food packaging must have five characteristics:


1. It must have high barrier properties to prevent product contact with oxygen and moisture volatilization.


2. It must have impact resistance and puncture resistance.


3. It must be resistant to low temperatures, and the packaging material will not deform or break even at a low temperature of -45.


4. It must have oil resistance.


5. It must ensure hygiene and prevent toxic and harmful substances from migrating and penetrating into the food.


The Role and Performance of Frozen Food Packaging Bags


1. The bag has poor impact resistance, and is easily damaged by external forces during transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement, and it is easy to break and open the bag. This not only affects the appearance of the packaged product, but also fails to play its due role in the packaging itself. When we buy food grade freezer bags and vacuum seal bags for freezer, we should pay attention to buying good quality packaging bags.


2. The smoothness of the packaging bag itself is not good, and the production process is characterized by poor opening and low production efficiency. At the same time, it will reduce the utilization rate of the packaging bag and cause a waste of cost.


67-3-frozen food packaging bag

3. The heat sealing strength of the reusable freezer storage bags is not enough, and the heat sealing temperature is too high, which can easily cause damage to the heat sealing layer. This easily causes the protection performance of the packaging bag to be reduced, and the shelf life of the contents is greatly shortened, so that the contents cannot reach the corresponding shelf life.


4. When the peeling strength between twist tie freezer bags is small, the tensile force is not enough, and the mechanical properties of the packaging bag are poor, this will easily cause the packaging bag to layer and the packaging bag cannot achieve its due load-bearing effect.


5. In the case of low temperature, the cold resistance of frozen food cannot meet the requirements, and the original performance of the material cannot be maintained. The packaging material of the sealable freezer bags is brittle, which reduces the mechanical strength of the packaging material, causing the packaging bag to rupture and crack.


The above factors can help us to purchase frozen food packaging bags.

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