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What Are the Types and Scope of Clothing Bags?

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Clothing bags are mainly made of PE, PO, PP, PPE, CPE, PET, and other materials, which can be single-layer bags or composite bags. It is widely used in clothing, home textile, and towel industries to package products and display brand image. The sub categories of custom plastic shopping bags  include shirt packaging, clothing packaging, underwear packaging, and T-shirt packaging. Generally speaking, clothing packaging can be divided into the following six categories according to the method of use.



1. Composite Packaging Bag


Composite shopping clothing bag plastic is a kind of flexible packaging material composed of two or more kinds of materials with different properties, which can give full play to the advantages of each part and form a new high-performance packaging. Because it can meet the requirements of a variety of products, it is often used in packaging clothing, home textiles, and towel industries.


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2. Hook Bag


Hook bag has been added a hook on the basis of bone sticking bag and self-adhesive plastic bag, which is mainly used to package small clothing. The main function of the hook bag is to improve the value of the product itself and provide wrinkle proof, dust-proof, and waterproof functions, so it is often used to pack socks, stockings, and ties.



3. Zipper Bag


Bone sticking zip lock plastic bag is blown and hot pressed by transparent PE or OPP plastic film, which can be stored and reused by using zipper head, so it is widely used in clothing packaging.



4. Diagonal bag


Slant plastic clothing shopping bag is a kind of packaging plastic bag that sometimes used in the clothing industry, which is a kind of bag with parallel left and right sides, flat bottom, small mouth in the upper and middle, slant seal on both sides of the small mouth, and symmetrical middle line. The main function of the diagonal holder shopping plastic bag is to prevent dust and water, so it is often used to pack suits, jackets, and other clothes. You can often see them in dry cleaners and clothing stores.




5. Flat Pocket


Flat thick plastic shopping bags are usually used with cartons and are generally used for interior packaging, whose main functions are to improve the value of products, prevent wrinkles, prevent dust, and prevent water. Therefore, they are usually used to pack shirts, T-Shirts, and other clothes in clothing stores.



6. Shopping Bags


Plastic shopping bags are used to make it convenient for customers to carry items after purchase. Some shopping bags with logos plastic have exquisite graphics and words, which not only make it convenient for customers to carry items, but also virtually spread company information and products.


Nowadays, all clothing brand businesses begin to pay attention to the effect of custom plastic shopping bags with logo on goods, so we can see that there are some store information or symbols and advertisements on clothing bags. In the custom-made clothing bag, the company can print the company's advertising language, logo, or other text pictures on it.

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