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What Are the Types and Uses of Ziplock Bags?

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With the improvement of living standards, ziplock bags can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as various plastic zip lock packaging bags for clothes, electronic packaging ziplock bags, industrial product packaging ziplock bags and aluminum foil packaging ziplock bags. A good ziplock reusable bags also pass the production process and strict standards. Since there are so many ziplock bags in daily life, do we know their types, uses and production processes?


The ziplock bag is a packaging bag that can be automatically sealed by pressing. There are common compact bags, keel bags and zipper bags. According to its different materials, it can be divided into silicone ziplock bags, zip lock plastic bags, foil ziplock bags and aluminum foil zip lock bags.



Classification of Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags refer to packaging bags that can be automatically sealed by pressing and closing. Common ones include zipper ziplock bags and bone blown ziplock bags.


Zippered ziplock bags are also known as compact bags, including bone-fitted bags, sealed bags, zippered bags, and keel bags. It is made of polyethylene (LDPE) and high-voltage linear polyethylene (LLDPE) through blown film molding, and eagerly cutting machine bags to make a re-sealable plastic bag. Common materials include PE, EVA, PO, multi-layer composite zipper bags, etc.


The Use of Ziplock Bags

Zipper bags can be divided into ordinary zipper bags, document zipper bags and invisible zipper bags. Its materials are woven bags, transparent PE or OPP plastic. The ziplock bag has a wide range of uses and can be used for the inner and outer packaging of various small items including accessories, hardware and toys. Food grade zip lock bags can store various small foods, tea, seafood, etc. This type of product can prevent moisture, odor, water, insects, and prevent things from being scattered. Ziplock bags for clothes can also be used for packaging of clothing and other daily necessities. Self-sealing bags are also involved in the electronics industry. For example, adding anti-static masterbatch in the production of blown films can produce anti-static self-sealing bags.


Production Process of Ziplock Bags

There are two types of zipper bag production. One is direct film blowing. The area around the self-sealing bag is thicker, and the left and right sides of the self-sealing bag are made into finished products by heat-cut sealing method. The other is the method of attaching and clamping the chain, the latter method is mainly used for the production of composite bags.


The production of self-adhesive ziplock bags mainly adopts single film cross-cutting and heat sealing on both sides. The length of the front and back of the bag is different, one side is 3-5cm longer than the other side and the part can be folded back. Stickers, destructive glue and other colloids are attached to the folded part. When in use, tear off the plastic cover on the gel and fold it back to seal the bag.


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