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What Are the Types of Frozen Food Packaging Bags?

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Because of its speed, convenience, and economy, frozen food meets people's accelerated pace of life and consumer demand to a certain extent. However, the packaging materials for frozen foods face great challenges. The types of bags commonly used in our lives mainly include bags for freezing food, reusable bread freezer bags and pork sausage freezer bags.


Although frozen food can greatly limit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms at low temperatures and extend the shelf life of the food, sometimes freezing can also cause the phenomenon of dry consumption and oxidation of the food and it will become more serious with the extension of the freezing time. Or the food grade freezer bags are damaged and deteriorated due to the wrong choice of packaging materials and collisions during transportation. If spoiled products are not discovered in time, various safety issues will arise.


68-1-composite frozen food packaging bag

How Should Manufacturers Deal with This Situation?


First of all, manufacturers should consider from the selection of materials. Because the material of the frozen food packaging bag is directly related to the protection of the product, it can minimize various problems caused by quality and ensure the safety of frozen food.


The materials of reusable frozen food bags mainly include single-layer, composite and multi-layer co-extrusion. Composite freezer food storage bags are widely used.


1. Single-layer frozen food packaging bag


Single-layer frozen food packaging bags only refer to pure PE bags, which have poor barrier effect and are mostly used for vegetable packaging.


2. Composite frozen food packaging bag


Composite frozen food packaging bags are widely used in frozen food packaging. It is relatively good in terms of moisture resistance, cold resistance, and puncture resistance.

68-2-bags for freezing food


And this kind of reusable vacuum seal freezer bag also has many combinations in material structure.


PET/PE. This material structure is more common in the packaging of quick-frozen food products. It has excellent properties, such as moisture resistance, cold resistance, good low-temperature heat sealability, and low production costs.


BOPP/PE and BOPP/CPP. The frozen food packaging bags of these two structures have excellent moisture resistance, excellent cold resistance, high tensile strength for low-temperature heat sealing, and good economy. It is worth mentioning that BOPP/PE has a better hand feel than PET/PE, which is good for product marketing.


PET/VMPET/CPE, BOPP/VMPET/CPE. The three-layer structure of the packaging bag is stronger and more stable than single-layer and double-layer, and has high barrier performance. In addition, the presence of the aluminum-plated layer also has a more prominent advantage in printing performance. However, compared with the above materials, the disadvantage is that the low-temperature heat sealing performance is slightly worse and the cost is higher.


PA/PE, PET/PA/LLDPE, PET/PA/AL/PE, PA/PE. These four types of material structures are more resistant to freezing and impact, and the PA layer ensures good puncture resistance. The disadvantage is that the production cost is high, and it is generally used for the packaging of angular or heavier food products.


3. Multi-layer co-extruded frozen food packaging bag


During production, it is made by melting and extruding raw materials such as PA, PE, PP, PET, EVOH, etc., with different functions, and finally inflating and cooling. In terms of packaging performance, it has excellent characteristics such as pollution-free, high barrier, high strength, high and low temperature resistance.

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