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What Do You Need to Know About Medical Device Packaging?

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Medical equipment is essential for treating patients and giving them the best quality of life, which is also important for hospitals, doctors, patients, and medical institutions around the world. Almost as important as the equipment itself is its transport packaging because the medical zip lock bag of medical devices must ensure that the product can reach the end user safely and hygienically, otherwise the whole product will be damaged and unusable.



What Are Medical Devices?


Medical devices include a wide range of products, but we define these tools as any device used for medical purposes or purposes at the most basic level, which can help doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals diagnose and treat patients around the world. According to the FDA, this means that medical zip lock bags can be anything from simple stethoscopes or tongue depressors to more complex pacemakers or cat scanners.




Essential Functions of Medical Device Packaging


There are several requirements that medical device packaging must meet, such as sterility and safety. If these medical devices are damaged during transportation or storage, healthcare providers or their patients will not be able to use them, which may lead to delay or loss of potential life-saving treatment. In addition to providing aseptic environment for storage, transportation and handling, medical zip lock plastic bag must also provide high-quality protection, which needs to protect the product from any external factors that may cause damage. For example, normal bumps and vibrations during standard truck transportation may cause vibrations in the packaging, which means that you need to use sufficient protective packaging materials to protect medical devices from these vibrations and shocks.



Start Medical Device Packaging Process As Soon As Possible


As a medical device manufacturer, you must know that research, development, and creation of medical devices may take a long time. Many tests and practices can help you determine which version of the device will provide the best treatment for the patient. In order to find out which materials provide the best protection and sterilization, various tests need to be carried out, which means that once you have your prototype available, you should start to try different protective silicone zip lock bag materials. However, any changes to the final version of the device must also be tested because even small changes can have a big impact.


5-1 zip lock plastic bag

Because some elements are very important, that is, sterility and protection, it is absolutely necessary to consider every aspect of your equipment and its packaging. For example, you may realize that the new components on the large zip lock bag are larger than those on the previous versions during the testing process, but you may think it's not a big deal because you can still squeeze your product into the packaging well. However, bumping and shifting during transportation may cause larger workpieces to pierce or tear the protective material around them, which may cause oxygen or moisture to penetrate the entire package, making it unusable.


In the whole process of medical heavy duty zip lock bag research and decision-making, you must always remember that the most important relevant personnel are the medical staff who will use the product and the patients who will be treated.

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