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What Is Industrial Packaging?

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Industrial packaging can be used to protect, transport, and store all kinds of goods, which is generally used in the production site. Although it can be used in any process in the supply chain, it is usually used for dangerous products, bulky products, or products containing mutually sensitive ingredients. In general, you can often see them in the automotive industry, the technology industry, machinery manufacturers, high sensitivity equipment manufacturers, and other enterprises that need to protect their products from various effects such as moisture and vibration.


8-1 plastic wrap roll for packing

Overview of Industrial Packaging

Packaging can be regarded as a science to protect, preserve, transport, and sell any product. However, when it comes to some products, it has a new sense of urgency. All packaging has similar elements because it needs to provide barriers and safety, while strong packaging is essential for any production site. Most packaging options are standardized, but not all is customized. Industrial packaging is not a general packaging but includes the following key qualities, which makes it different from other packaging types:


lIt is tailored to specific needs.

lIts main purpose is to provide protection during transportation and storage.

lIt also prevents dangerous contact.

lIt's customized for a specific product.

lIt can contain many different design materials.

lIts design conforms to international standards.


Industrial packing plastic wrap roll is designed for a specific product, while the type of customization completely depends on the protection goal of the product. Some products need additional protection during transportation, while others need additional protection during long-term storage.




Industrial Packaging Is Specially Designed for Strong Protection

The primary goal of well-designed industrial packing bag is to protect the environment. The packaging designed for the protection of industrial products can ensure the safety of the products during transportation and can preserve the products during long-term storage. Also, it can also provide sealing protection and prevent pollutants and moisture. The following points should be considered in a well thought:


lThickness of package

lWeight of package

lAbility to protect products

lSafety of product packaging

lHumidity exposure level the product will face

lStorage time of products

lCompatibility of packaging and corporate culture

lCompatibility between packaging and products


Before starting to design custom packaging, packaging engineers who design packaging for industrial use will consider all of the above points and designing this type of packaging requires a certain level of expertise, which can be a challenge. Professional designers must consider each package to ensure that it provides the required protection and meets international standards for the use of materials. 

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