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What Is the Difference Between Standing Up Packaging and Traditional Packaging?

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Over the past decade, consumers in the fast food, beverage, baby food, and lubricants industries have driven the demand for stand-up pouches for liquids at an exponential rate. As a leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions for the consumer goods industry, polymer packaging is at the forefront of transforming rigid packaging into flexible compostable stand up pouch with window in a variety of configurations, offering multiple independent bag options of various shapes and sizes to meet any barrier requirements. In addition, it is equipped with auxiliary items, such as nozzles, railings, and seals.


As the needs of consumers prove, stand up bag with window is very popular because they are suitable for today's convenient lifestyle. Some people said that marketers prefer stand-alone packaging because they can enhance visibility and differentiate products from competitors, while flat shelf packaging does not have the ability to stand out as upright packaging. Retailers realize that standing flexible packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint than hard packaging and reduces overall transportation and logistics costs.


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From a marketing point of view, transparent standing pouch is a way to make a dream come true and provide brand influence, which can be different from seemingly unlimited printing options and provide many different design functions. In addition, the application of specially designed laminates means that bags can provide retorting properties, making them a real alternative to rigid metal and plastic enclosures.



Why Consumers and Food Processors Prefer Standing Bags?


Reasons why consumers prefer vertical bags are as follows:


lAttracting millennials

lEasier to open than a glass can or pillow bag

lSafer than cans or glass cans

lCan be closed easily

lHigher perceived value

lProduct visibility (transparent window)

lAdded the function of zipper or pouring mouth



Food processors like stand-up pouches without zipper for the following reasons:


lLess harm

lReduce transportation cost

lTake up less space in the warehouse

lLarger cube filled with pillow bag

lLightweight E-commerce


More and more manufacturers of consumer goods and commercial goods are shifting their focus from more traditional rigid packaging to flexible packaging. In addition, custom standing pouches zipper can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, while choosing the right packaging materials can provide excellent protection, the best chemical resistance, and excellent product storage capacity.


In terms of polymer packaging, our bagged products are usually used as modified atmosphere packaging according to our rich experience in the production of food multilayer barrier laminates and market demand. A separate pouch can greatly extend the shelf life and reduce food waste.




Different Kinds of Stand Up Pouches


Spouted liquid stand up pouches also include the following types:


lForming bag

lSpray pocket

lLiquid bag

lPrinting bag


lFoldable bag (zipper, shackle, slider, press fit)

lRetort pouch

lAluminum foil isolation bag

lPour bag

lGuide vane bag

lFragile sealed bag

lMulti compartment bag

lEZ bracket bag


Almost every type of enterprise can benefit from custom stand up pouch bags, so if you want to get higher efficiency from flexible packaging or want to change from rigid packaging to flexible standing zip lock pouches, please contact polymer packaging company immediately to understand the speed of your products to the market.

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