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What Is the Invention Process of Cooking Bag?

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Food-grade retortable bag is a kind of composite plastic film bag which can be heated. It has the advantages of can container and boiling water-resistant plastic bag, so it is also called "soft can". After more than ten years of use, it is proved to be an ideal sales packaging container.




History of Cooking Bag


lIn 1956, Nelson and Seinberg of the University of Illinois tested several kinds of films, including polyester film.

lSince 1958, the Natick Institute and Swift Institute of the US Army have been engaged in the research of soft canned food for military use. In order to replace tinplate canned food used in battlefield with steaming bag, a large number of trial production and performance tests were carried out.

lIn 1969, the soft canned food made by Natick Institute attracted people's attention and was successfully applied in Apollo space program.

lBecause this kind of packaged food can be placed at room temperature and has a long service life, it is convenient to eat and can save the energy required for preservation. Sweden is the first country in the world to produce and sell soft canned food, but it is basically Japanese factories that produce soft canned food on a large scale.

lIn 1968, Otsuka food industry company of Japan used transparent high temperature retort bags to package curry products, which was the first to realize commercialization in Japan.

lIn 1969, aluminum foil began to be used as packaging materials to improve the quality of aluminum bags sterilization retort, thus expanding the market sales.

lIn 1970, we began to produce rice products packed in cooking bags;

lIn 1972, the retort bag aluminum foil retort pouch was made of three layers of heat-resistant material, which was called "retort pouch" (English Name: RP).



Merits and Demerits


Compared with metal cans and frozen food packaging bags, stand up retort plastic food packaging bags have many unique advantages in food packaging


37-1 retort bag aluminum foil retort pouch

lMaintain the color, aroma, taste, and shape of food. The cooking bag is thin, so it can meet the sterilization requirements in a short time, which can preserve the original color, aroma, taste, and shape of food as much as possible.

lEasy to use. The retort storage bag can be opened easily and safely, while you only need to put the food and bag together in boiling water for 5 minutes.

lConvenient storage and transportation. The retort pouch bag is light in weight, can be stacked for storage, and takes up less space, which takes up less space after packaging food than metal cans, so the storage and transportation space can be fully utilized.

lSave energy. Because of its thinness, the standup retort bag can reach the lethal temperature of bacteria quickly when heated, whose energy consumption is 30 ~ 40% less than that of iron can.

lEasy to sell. The retort pouch for sale can be divided or combined with different foods according to the market demand, so customers can choose the size and shape they want at will. Besides, exquisite decoration also greatly increased the sales of cooking bags.

lLong storage time. The food packed in aluminum foil retort bags does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, which is comparable to metal cans, so it is easy to sell or use at home.

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