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What Kind of Materials Should Be Used for the customization of Garment Packaging Bags?

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As the world's largest clothing market, although the year-on-year growth rate of China's clothing market drops to 3.5% in 2019, the market sales still reach 2.15 trillion yuan. Similarly, the demand for custom plastic shopping bags for clothes mailers is also increasing. Do you know what kind of materials should be used for the customization of plastic shopping bags custom?




PE material is high-pressure polyethylene, polymer material organic matter, which is a kind of widely used polymer material. It can be used to make handbags, flat bags, self-adhesive seal plastic bags, express bags, zipper bags, plastic self-sealing bags, and composite packaging bags, which basically contains all the functional styles. Its texture is close to wax, but its transparency is not particularly high. When the plastic custom shopping bag uses thicker PE material, its fineness will be a little hazy and not as transparent as PP material. High pressure polyethylene does not melt in water, whose water absorption capacity is relatively small. It can only slightly melt some chemical industrial organic solvents, such as toluene, acetic acid, etc., at about 75 ℃ ambient temperature. However, the granular high-pressure polyethylene can melt or solidify with the change of ambient temperature between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃. Generally speaking, the clear plastic bag for shopping in direct contact with food will use PE material because it is harmless to human body, high safety, no toxicity, and good performance.



The wide application of PE material makes it the most commonly used material in big plastic shopping bags, which can be used to make plastic bags such as plastic handbags, plastic zipper bags, and plastic flat bags.




PO is a kind of PE material, which is also known as high density low pressure polyethylene. It is widely used in all kinds of fresh-keeping bags, vest bags, packing bags, and convenience bags. Because of its high hardness, PO material is also used to make shopping plastic bags with logos and punching bags. However, PO material with such low raw material cost is the only choice for making such bags.


PO can also be used to make composite bags because it has the following characteristics:


lThe hardness, tensile strength, and creep property of LDPE are better than those of LDPE.

lGood wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness, and cold resistance

lChemically stable, so it is insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature

lThe permeability of the film to water vapor and air is small and the water absorption is low.


3-1 custom plastic shopping bags for clothes mailers



Because of the high melting point, the cutting temperature of PP raw materials in the production of shop bags carry bags plastic should be adjusted to its melting point, which is very easy to cause the problem of side cracking. Polypropylene is widely used in clothing, blanket, medical machinery, car, bicycle, parts, gas pipeline, and chemical equipment manufacturing.


PP packaging bags are commonly used in stationery, electronic devices, hardware, and other manufacturing industries because its color is transparent, high quality, good ductility, firm, and not easy to cut. Because of the low price of raw materials and simple processing technology, the production cost of PP biodegradable plastic shopping bags is very low.


PP is a common printing material in packaging manufacturing industry because of its double tension and compressive strength in the whole process. Besides, it cannot be used as composite sealing raw material because the raw material has no sealing characteristics.

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