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What Performance Should the Frozen Quick-frozen Food Packaging Bag Have?

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The material of the frozen food packaging bag is directly related to the protection of the product. The high-quality food freezer bag can minimize various problems caused by quality and ensure the safety of frozen food.


The commonly used frozen quick-frozen food packaging bags mainly include eco-friendly freezer bags for meat, freeze vegetable bags, ice bags for freezer and ice cube freezer bags.


69-1-freeze vegetable bags

Performance of Frozen Quick-frozen Food Packaging Bag


1. Moisture resistance. The moisture resistance of freezer food storage bags is the nature of blocking the penetration of water vapor. When the film does not contain hydrophilic hydroxyl or carboxyl groups, it is considered to have good moisture resistance. The moisture resistance varies greatly with temperature. The moisture resistance of the film is suitable for all meat products packaging. If product moisture penetrates from the inside of the packaging film in the form of water vapor, or the product absorbs water vapor that penetrates from the outside, the flavor, texture, and content of the product will also change. This is especially important for the packaging of dry sausages with little moisture and quantitative meat products that prevent natural loss.


2. Oxygen barrier. The oxygen barrier property of frozen quick-frozen food packaging bags is the property of blocking the permeation of oxygen. Usually it is carried out in two steps, firstly the gas is dissolved in the molecules of the membrane, and then penetrated by diffusion. The oxygen barrier properties of the film are applicable to the packaging of all meat products except raw meat. Especially in vacuum packaging, air-filled packaging is more important. Due to the role of oxygen, hemoglobin is turned into methemoglobin, causing product fading, promoting fat oxidation and proliferation of aerobic microorganisms. Therefore, preventing the product from contacting with oxygen is extremely important for maintaining product quality and improving preservation.


3. The shading properties of vacuum freezer storage bags. This property has a great influence on vacuum-packed sliced meat products, colored meat products, and smoked meat products. The transparent film does not block ultraviolet rays. Although high-density polyethylene has some shading properties, the film is opaque. There are many ways to prevent the transmission of ultraviolet rays, one of which is to use the properties of light to block light. The method uses printing ink to absorb or reflect light, or uses a satin processing roller to mechanically extrude the uneven pattern on the film surface to reflect light.


69-3-vacuum freezer storage bags

4. Cold resistance of frozen quick-frozen food packaging bags. At low temperatures, the film will not become brittle and can still maintain its strength and impact resistance properties. Some low-temperature meat products must be stored and sold under low temperature conditions, and some meat products must be stored under freezing conditions. Therefore, the packaging film of the product must be able to withstand low temperatures, and the low temperature resistance of the packaging film also has an impact on the sealing strength.


5. The heat resistance of frozen quick-frozen food packaging bags refers to the property of high softening point and no deformation even after heating. Since the product expands when heated, the heat resistance strength of the film must be ensured.


6. The impact resistance of frozen quick-frozen food packaging bags. The nature of the sealable freezer bags is suitable for all kinds of packaging. The impact resistance of packaging materials can be ensured by the balance between the tensile strength of the material and the impact.

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