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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing Frozen Food Packaging Bags?

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In the selection of packaging materials for frozen food packaging bags, we must first study the main components of frozen food, especially sensitive factors that affect fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganisms, and physical and mechanical factors. Then, according to the protection requirements of the food content and the transportation environment, we will determine the type of bags for freezing food and the operation mode of the packaging technology to achieve the protection function and appropriately extend the storage period.


Characteristics of Frozen Food Bags


1. Cold resistance. Frozen food is usually stored and circulated at a temperature of minus 18°C or lower, especially some frozen food with trays. In the production process, food and trays are usually cooled rapidly at -30°C, and packaging is not carried out until the core temperature of the product is below minus 18°C. When the temperature drops sharply, the mechanical strength of the packaging material also decreases, causing the packaging material to be fragile. In addition, frozen foods are inevitably exposed to environmental hazards such as shock and pressure during transportation. In addition, frozen foods like glutinous rice balls and dumplings can be very hard at low temperatures. It is easy to cause the packaging bag to crack. This requires packaging materials including food fresh freezer bags, vacuum bags for freezing food and meat bags for freezer to have good low temperature performance.


72-3-frozen food carrier bag

2. Impact resistance. Frozen food is easily damaged by external forces during transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement. When the impact resistance of frozen food carrier bags is poor, it is easy to break the bag or open the bag, which will not only affect the appearance of the packaged product, but also contaminate the inside of the food. The impact resistance of sealable freezer bags can be determined by pendulum impact test.


3. Heat sealing strength. Once the plastic bags for freezing food have insufficient sealing strength or virtual sealing, a slight impact will cause the sealing surface to crack. If the heat-sealing temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the heat-sealing layer and reduce the strength of the material at the sealing line. Once the article is subject to strong vibration or impact, it is easy to cause the freezer bags for food to break and rot in a large area, and it is impossible to achieve effective protection of the internally packaged food.


69-1-freeze vegetable bags

4. Compression resistance. In the process of transportation and handling, falling or impact will cause damage to the transportation packaging and even the internal sales packaging. Therefore, corresponding vibration or drop test should be carried out on the reusable frozen food bags.


The puncture performance of the packaging bag is also a cause for concern. Frozen food is generally harder after freezing, especially fish, meat products, or other bones and hard objects. Extrusion of the product during transportation and stacking can easily puncture the packaging bag and damage the sealing property of the packaging bag. Therefore, frozen food requires high puncture performance of the packaging bag.

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