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What Should We Pay Attention to in the Process of Plastic Bag Customization?

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Plastic bag is one of the most complex single-layer bags, so we need to pay attention to many problems in the production process.


Generally speaking, plastic shopping bags can include plastic bags with carrying strips (plastic bags) and plastic bags with carrying holes (plastic flat bags), which are different only in the handle part. After considering the beauty and practicality, the vast majority of customers choose flat plastic bags because they are three-dimensional and beautiful, and they can also be printed with patterns, logos, or two-dimensional codes on the side to attract customers' attention.


What should we pay attention to in the process of customization? Now we will explain it from four aspects: technology, material, design, and size.


20-1 plastic custom shopping bag


Technology of Plastic Bag


The hand-held part of the shopping plastic bags with logos uses hot pressing to combine the bag with the bag strip, while the firmness of this part is very important. If the biodegradable plastic shopping bag and bag strip can't be combined firmly and break when using, it will seriously affect the brand image.


The printing process of clear plastic bags for shopping is also very important because the exquisite degree of the printing pattern will affect the customer's feeling of the brand on the one hand. If the printing pattern is very rough, customers will naturally leave a bad impression on the brand and think that the brand's products are also very rough, so the printing process is also the top priority.



Material of Plastic Bag


Different plastic bag materials will affect customers from the following two aspects: in terms of design, it will affect customers' feelings; in terms of function, it will affect customers' use. For example, the PE material is softer than the PO material, so the pressure of the PE material plastic bag with handle shopping on the human hand is smaller when the loaded items are heavier, while the PO material plastic bag may be too heavy. Of course, this also has a great relationship with the thickness of the material. However, PE reusable plastic shopping bags are not as load-bearing as PO plastic bags, so you need to choose the material of plastic bags according to the type of products and customer needs.


20-2 plastic handle bag for shopping


Size of Plastic Bags


There is no general standard for the size of plastic bags, which are all customized according to the buyer's design, so you need to pay attention to some problems when determining the size. Can the size of the bag hold the product? What's the capacity of the bag? Will it exceed the bearing range? Do customers carry too much weight? Will the size of plastic bags cause inconvenience to customers? These are the problems that should be paid attention to at the beginning of customizing plastic bags. Because many buyers are looking for similar size of design shopping plastic bags as a template to design, the measurement of some size parameters of plastic bags is also very important.



Design of Plastic Bag


In the development of plastic bag customization, its overall design is also very critical. Each of our enterprises will have its own unique characteristics and logo, so it is also a kind of advertising promotion when you want to introduce this kind of characteristics and logo directly into the plastic handle bags for shopping. Plastic bag design and brand image are highly unified, which can let customers feel the style and values of the brand.

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