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What are shaped pouches?

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With the continuous development of society and people's needs, the shape, style, color and design of small plastic packaging bags have developed more innovatively. Whether you want a square packaging box or a shaped pouch, you can customize it. Some people think that the shaped pouch is very attractive in appearance, but its use effect is very poor. This is a wrong idea. With the maturity of packaging technology, people will combine the design and function of polythene packing pouch, which can not only meet people's aesthetic needs, but also meet people's daily use. Then let us enter the world of shaped pouches.



What is shaped pouches? 


Shaped pouches are different from ordinary packaging bags in shape and size. Many manufacturers will use different shapes to attract customers' attention and increase product sales. The most common stand up bottle shape pouch is generally self-supporting or flat three-sided sealed bags, and there are many types of shaped pouches, including vacuum aluminum foil bags, electrostatic shielding bags, shockproof electrostatic bags, electrostatic aluminized bags, etc. Different types of special shapes pouches will also be used in different industries, such as daily chemical packaging, food packaging, medicine and health, electronic aerospace and so on.


86-1-customised shape pouch


What are the advantages of shaped pouches? 


Environmental protection


Because people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, they will also pay attention to whether the products they use are environmentally friendly in their daily life. Compared with rigid bulk can packaging, shape pouches for food can save more raw material costs, and many shaped pouches are designed to meet the needs of products, which improves the utilization rate of raw materials, so shaped pouches are very environmentally friendly.


Multiple choices


With bottle shaped pouches, we don't need to choose from ordinary packaging bags. Both toys with strange shapes and liquid drinks can be stored in shaped pouches. For liquid, a spout can be added to the packaging bags, which is helpful for liquid dumping. shaped pouches provide more choices for people and increase the attractiveness of products.


Low cost


Fruit shape juice pouches do a good job in the utilization of materials, and this kind of side gusset pouches has a very low cost, and the saved funds can be invested in other processes of products.


86-3-customised shape pouch


Influence of shaped pouches in marketing


When you design a bottle shape storage pouch with unique shape for your product, you should give full play to the role of shaped pouches, so that your special-shaped packaging bags can effectively promote the sales of products. You need to know your products well and customize bottle shape plastic pouches with different sizes and shapes according to the shape of your products. Many consumers like the packaging design with unique appearance, which requires you to exert your imagination and innovation ability. For example, your products are toy dogs. Then you can make a dog kennel shaped packaging box, which not only plays the role of packaging, but also can be used as a part of toys after customers buy toys.


If you sell ordinary products, you can be creative in printing. Whether it is colorful pictures or simple designs, you need to customize them according to the products. Another function of the customised shape pouch is that it can be designed into a smaller package. This small packaging bag can not only be used as a product display, but also as a trial package for customers to experience for free, so that it can not only show the uniqueness of the brand, but also let customers feel the quality of the product.

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