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What are the advantages of food vacuum packaging bags?

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What is vacuum packaging bag?


Vacuum packaging bag, also known as decompression packaging, is to pump out all the air in the packaging container and seal it, and keep the bag in a high decompression state. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of hypoxia, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of keeping food fresh.


94-2-zip lock vaccume bags for packaging


What are the advantages of food vacuum packaging bags?


1. Easy to use. The space saver vaccum bags can be opened conveniently and safely. It can be eaten without heating.  


2. Convenient storage and transportation. The vacuum packaging bag is light in material, it can be folded and occupies a small space, so it saves storage and transportation expenses.


3. Save energy. The vaccum travel bags are light and thin, and the packaging is sterilized, which consumes 30~40% less energy than the tin can.  


4. Long storage time. Vaccum packager food does not need refrigeration or freezing, and has stable life.


5. Keep the color, smell, taste and shape of food. The vacuum packaging is thin, which can meet the sterilization requirements in a short time and preserve the original color, fragrance, taste and shape of food as much as possible.  


94-3-zip lock vaccume bags for packaging


How to use vacuum packaging bags?


1. Spread the vacuum packaging bag first, and observe the structure on the plastic bag at this time, so you can easily find the button box of the compressed bag. Then gently open the button box and put the button cover aside, and try to stay in your own line of sight.


2. After spreading the vaccum packager pouch, sort out the articles to be packed, and then pack them into the four corners of the vacuum plastic bag one after another.


3. Put all the articles in, and then seal the plastic vaccum packaging bag with tabletting. This step can't be omitted or underestimated, otherwise air will leak. To prevent air leakage, you should observe that if there is any air leakage. This can prevent the food from going bad or the vacuum is not cleaned.


4. There is a circle of threads on the vacuum pump. Screw it up manually, so that the two items can be seamlessly combined together. This can not only prevent the package sealer vaccume from leaking, but also play a better role of protection and evacuation.


5. Twitch up and down, and then you will see that the vacuum plastic bag slowly collapses. Finally, the inner wall of the sealed plastic bag packaging is tightly attached to the object, and then the lid is screwed on, and the compression is completed.

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