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What are the cold chain transport packaging supplies?

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More and more customers rely on door-to-door food delivery services, and there is an increasing demand for cold transport packaging supplies. These products must be kept fresh until they are shipped. It requires special low-temperature packaging and fast transportation time. What are the cold chain transport packaging supplies? Here are some popular cold-use products that you can use to keep the product in its original condition before it reaches the customer.



Insulation box lining

You can use insulated box linings to turn any container into a cool refuge for your products during short-term transportation. These linings save space, are economical and easy to install. They keep the contents of the box cool, especially when the liner is paired with a cold bag. They are great for quickly delivering products such as chocolate or medicine. To use an insulated box liner, you only need to find the size that fits your container, insert it into the box, and then add the product and seal it.


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Insulated Mailers

Insulated mail has a special outer layer to help cool the packaging, and has a bubble lining inside to protect fragile items. These insulated mails are ideal for transporting small or light products without spending a lot of packaging or shipping costs. Send samples of drugs and products that may be sensitive to temperature changes.



Freezer bag

The insulated box and postman can only keep the product cool for a short period of time, such as overnight transportation; for long-distance transportation of products or in the case of potential transportation delays to ensure the safety of items, you can use reusable freezer bags or large freezer bags, which last longer than ordinary ice cubes. When combined with insulated shipping containers, the freshness of the product can be extended to overnight transportation, or even to two days of transportation. There are many common freezer storage bags, such as freezer bags for meat, frozen bag for food, best freezer bags for liquid, etc.



Low temperature tape

When you put the product in a refrigerated transport box to cool down, you need to make sure that the box is sealed with cold tape. Not all tapes can maintain adhesion at lower temperatures, which will cause some boxes to loosen and make the product easy to damage . Low temperature tape has special adhesive properties, which can keep the box sealed at low temperature.


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Temperature indicator

If you are concerned about improper packaging during transportation, you can use the temperature indicator on the packaging box to provide evidence of improper handling. The temperature indicator can be affixed to the packaging to visually warn employees that the items inside are sensitive to temperature changes. If the temperature is higher or lower than the requirement you set, the indicator will turn red to notify the recipient, who can then check the content and determine if the product is still safe to eat.



There are many options for cold shipping packaging. Whether you are mailing food or medicine, you can find a solution. Welcome to visit our official website to buy more insulated freezer bags, biodegradable freezer bags, vacuum seal freezer bags, resealable freezer bags, etc.

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