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What are the general materials of tea bag packaging?

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Tea is a kind of dry product, which can easily absorb moisture and cause qualitative changes. It has strong absorption of moisture and peculiar smell, and its aroma is very volatile. When tea leaves are not stored properly, under the action of moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, it is easy to cause biochemical reactions and microbial activities, which will lead to changes in the quality of tea. Therefore, when storing tea, you need to choose a suitable packaging bag. What are the common materials of tea packaging bags? Let us look at it together.



The material of tea packaging


1.PE bag (plastic bag)

Polyethylene bags, or PE bags, are currently widely used packaging materials. Generally, there are two types of low-density PE bags and high-density PE bags. Low-density PE bags have greater moisture permeability and air permeability, and high-density PE bags are smaller.


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The advantages of PE bags are economy, cheapness, and good moisture resistance. The disadvantages are that they have poor light transmission and gas resistance and cannot be individually used for tea bag packaging. It is best to use polyethylene bags to add a layer of outer packaging that can block light and have low air permeability, such as synthetic paper cans, iron cans, etc.



2. Metal tin can

The advantages of metal tin cans are extrusion resistance and good texture. In the early days, they were mainly used for the outer packaging of tea bags with the inner packaging of PE bags. However, due to their high price and easy corrosion and deformation, they have been gradually eliminated. The paint smell in the metal can and the tightness of the lid are not enough to be used alone.



3. Synthetic paper cans

Synthetic paper cans are currently the most widely used packaging materials. It has the advantages of economy, lightness, and beauty. It only has high air and moisture permeability, and it is not suitable to be used alone. It is best to use PE bags or aluminum foil laminated bags for inner packaging.


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4. Aluminum foil laminated bag

The aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and elegant, and its advantages are that it is opaque, moisture-proof and oxygen-resistant, but the price is more expensive than the PE bag, and it will have extrusion problems when used alone. Aluminum foil laminated bags can be treated with vacuum or nitrogen or deoxidizers. With packaging cartons or synthetic paper cans, the storage of tea leaves can be completely protected from moisture, gas, light, and oxygen. Storage at low temperatures is the best solution for tea. Aluminium standing pouch, aluminum foil pouch and aluminum foil zip lock bag are all common packaging.


5. Packed in nitrogen or vacuum bag

Vacuum packaging is also a useful packaging type. In order to avoid re-squeezing and collision and for the sake of aesthetics, external packaging protection should be added. Nitrogen-filled packaging will expand the bag, and it should not be squeezed to avoid bursting. 

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