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What are the key points of the process for producing facial mask packaging bags?

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The packaging market is changing with each passing day, and all types of packaging require flexible packaging companies to continuously improve and change and innovate, especially the packaging of individual fast-moving categories changes faster. In the past year or two, the facial mask packaging market has formed a very large packaging demand, especially the enthusiasm for online shopping, which has made facial mask packaging incandescent. Below we introduce the key points of the production process of mask packaging bags.



Key points of production control of facial mask packaging bags

1. Printing

Take PET printing as an example, companies that produce facial mask packaging should pay attention to control overprinting and hue. For printed substrates, there will also be higher requirements to meet the high standards of printing. If the national standard is that the main overprint accuracy is 0.2mm, then the secondary position of the mask packaging bag printing basically needs to meet this printing standard, in order to better meet the needs of customers and consumers.


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2. Compound

The compound mainly controls three major aspects: compound wrinkles, compound solvent residues, compound pitting and bubbles. In this process, these three aspects are the key factors affecting the yield of mask packaging bags.


3. Bag making

The control point of the finished product process mainly depends on the flatness of the aluminum foil bag and the strength and appearance of the aluminum bag sealing edge. In the bag-making process, flatness and appearance are more difficult to grasp. Because its final technical level is determined by the operation of the machine, the equipment and the operating habits of the employees, aluminum foil ziplock bag and printed aluminium foil pouch are very easy to scratch in the finished process, and there are abnormalities such as large and small edges.

As the most basic workshop environmental management, it is one of the basic production guarantees to ensure that the machine is tidy, no foreign matter appears on the machine, and to ensure normal and smooth work.


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4. Selection of base material and auxiliary materials

The PE used in the mask needs to choose anti-fouling, anti-liquid, and acid-resistant functional PE materials. From the consumer's usage habits, PE materials also need to be easy to tear, and the appearance requirements of PE itself. The point is its key production control point, otherwise many abnormalities will occur in our compounding process.



Generally speaking, in the production process of facial mask packaging bags, we need to pay attention to many details. Each of our operation details must be very meticulous and improve the yield rate in order to win in the market competition of this type of packaging. Follow us to provide you with more aluminum bags such as aluminum zip lock pouches, aluminum zipper bags, aluminum vacuum bags, etc.

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